Friday, May 29, 2009

Build Your Family's Library - A Peek Into Publishing

Take a brief tour of Cherish's Bound publishing center to see how easy it is to start building your family's library! Our book building program is easy to navigate and works with simple click throughs and the drag-n-drop system. Take a peak to see how easy it is to get started.

Free online screencasting tool

Thank you to the amazing Kari for letting me share this great tutorial she put together! ♥

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Daddy is a Pretzel....

With Father's Day just around the corner, my friend Heidi from Barefoot Books has some great book suggestions for kids and their dads.

One of my favorites.... My Daddy is a Pretzel

Just picturing my hubby doing this makes me laugh SERIOUSLY out loud!!! This would bring lots of laughter into our home!

Limber up with this unique, child-friendly yoga book! Created for parents and children to share together, but also suitable for adults and older children to use alone, My Daddy is a Pretzel not only introduces a range of postures, it also connects the practices to everyday life, showing how families can integrate their yoga with their activities in the world. A light-hearted look at yoga, yet one with a lasting message, My Daddy is a Pretzel is a wonderful introduction to yoga for readers of all shapes and sizes.

I love this one... Shopping With Dad

Disaster strikes on a Saturday shopping trip! How can Dad and daughter set things right?
It’s Saturday, and one small girl and her Dad are heading for the supermarket while Mom is working. It’s so exciting! How can she contain herself? She tries —but she can’t! An enormous sneeze sets in motion a small calamity, and Dad gets the blame. But when his daughter speaks up and takes responsibility for her actions, the mood changes... Fast-paced, funny with a simple, uplifting message, this playful rhyming read-aloud is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud!

And don't forget Grandpa's with this adorable book... Journey Home from Grandpa's

Young travelers will delight in this colorful journey. Along the way from country to city, they'll learn about different colors and modes of transportation, and sing along with Fred Penner to the catchy road-trip song.

Visit Heidi Here to get these great specials in JUNE!

Shopping with Dad $13.99 HC
My Daddy is a Pretzel $12.99 HC
Journey Home from Grandpa's $3.99 PB

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughtful & Thrifty Swap Parties

I love "Home Made Simple".... It's a great show on TLC on Saturdays afternoons. I love their creative ideas and I love visiting their website for all their unique and crafty ideas...that I can actually do. They're affordable, usable, and fun! This is one idea from their current newsletter that I had to share....

"You know what they say about the art of gift giving—it’s the thought that really counts. This month, forego the penny pinch and host a fun-filled swap party with your favorite friends, right at home. From clothes and keepsakes to photos and food, it’s a wonderful way to get together, pass along personal treasures and walk away with something new. Find inspiration in our clever theme ideas and simple craft instructions for a party that is as fun and thoughtful as it is budget-friendly. And the best part? No one goes home empty-handed."

How fun does this sound?? They have so many swap party ideas that are great for some summertime fun with your friends and neighbors, or maybe at our family reunions. Here are some of my favorite ideas....

All ideas and images are from

Recipe Swap
Learn the secrets to your friends’ signature dishes by organizing a simple recipe swap. Ask your friends to bring in copies of their favorite recipe card to pass out to each guest, then craft decorative recipe tins for stowing cards in style. With a new collection of easy, sure-to-please recipes in hand, your guests will leave inspired to take back the kitchen.Photo Swap

Photo Swap
Hosting a photo swap with your favorite gal pals brings a whole new meaning to sharing memories. Ask each of your friends to bring a variety of picture frames that they no longer use, along with copies of their favorite photographs from special occasions and funny moments spent together. As you pass these treasured keepsakes around, you’ll relive your fondest moments as friends and come away with “new-to-you” frames and photos. At your swap party, you can offer inspired ideas for using picture frames in unexpected ways. Suggest using them to frame modern heirlooms like handmade face silhouettes, or as the perfect casing for delicate pressed flowers.

Plant & Seed Swap

Give your garden a boost by hosting a plant and seed swap party with your green-thumbed pals. Whip up quick and easy appetizers, served alfresco, and exchange gardening advice and plant cuttings or seeds. Set out a table where your guests can display their favorite plants and seeds, reminding them to label the pieces and mock up quick cards listing the care instructions. As you talk botanicals, start up a fun game of plant trivia, share your favorite photos of prize gardens, and even suggest an impromptu trip to a local garden center. With a simple garden swap party, everyone will leave with new knowledge and new materials to bring to life in their own backyard.

There so many treasures to swap!! Most of us have been neck deep in spring now is the time to plan some fun parties....all about swapping! Keep your parties simple and fun this more big elaborate over-done parties. Enjoy a brunch swap or chocolate night with your best friends and some swapping!!!

So tell me....what swap party ideas would you love to host or attend???

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Friday, May 22, 2009

If my dad was a superhero he would be....

"He would be Mr. Incredible"

....that's what the Z-man said about his daddy, Shrek.

"Because he's strong, and he's awesome, and he teaches me how to fish, and he takes me camping...oh, and because he can win everything and he's the boss."

I chatted with Z-man in the car and asked him what he wanted to get his daddy for Father's Day and he told me he wanted to take him to the movies to see Transformers 2. I told him that would be awesome....but we'd have to wait until July to he thought some more. And said, "I want to make him another book!" Ah-ha! That's my boy!!!

So we decided to make him another Cherish Bound book. He's done one for his daddy for the past 3 years....the A-Z's of Camping, Just Me and My Dad and The Top 10 Reasons I Love My Dad. Amazing gifts, dad cried every time...

This time I asked him to finish the sentence:

If my dad was a superhero he would be...

And that's the title of his next Father's Day book. He's drawn some pictures and had me be the scribe for him as we typed his story into the Cherish Bound Publishing Center. He's so excited to come home and work on it after school...I can't wait to show you pictures of it!!

So do your kids need a creative and unique Father's Day gift??

Yes! They do, right! Not another tie.... Let the kids touch his heart through the power of story.

If you'd like your kids to make their daddy a Superhero Story Book I'm here to get you started! They can create a 24-page, softbound, 5x7 book for only $29 (before shipping*). It's the perfect gift and EVERY DADDY WILL LOVE IT!

Step 1: Pre-Purchase your $29 publishing HERE

Step 2: I'll set up your Cherish Bound account and you'll go into the publishing center and begin typing in their story, thoughts, messages...whatever they want to say. They can create their own superhero if they want...there are no rules! Then begin adding photos and/or scanned images of drawings too.

Step 3: Submit for publishing by June 1st. I'll even check over your book, make sure everything looks prefect. Cherish Bound will print, bind and ship you your book in about 10-15 business days.

It's Easy and Affordable! Give the gift that keeps on giving...Story is powerful and I promise it will be the BEST gift your kids could EVER GIVE THEIR DADDY!

*shipping will be paid by customer upon publishing submission.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stories in the Mountains

Everyone at some point in their lives hopes for or waits for a life- changing experience. Jonesborough, Tennessee was that moment for me—a life change experience I’m truly grateful for.

So how can traveling far from home, leaving my family behind to head north to some back country in the mountains of Tennessee be a life changing experience and have such an impact on my life? I’ll tell you, but first let me give you some insight on “Pre-Jonesborough” times.

When I joined Cherish Bound I had many reasons why I wanted to join…great business opportunity, believed in the concept, wanted to find a “job” that I liked, feed my habit, success, and the list goes on. I wanted Cherish Bound in my life and in my family’s life and I wanted to successfully share it with others. I created an atmosphere around myself that included Cherish Bound. I have always known that it was no accident and I truly believe I have a mission with Cherish Bound.

So I won a trip to Jonesborough, Tennessee to the National Story Telling Festival for being the top Consultant that year. This was going to be an experience that left me walking away a different person.

I had a picture in my mind of what I thought the adventure would be like…little airplanes from hell, small creepy town, lots of walking, and you should know...I was 6 months pregnant with TWINS! As I arrived at the Atlanta airport to saw Bruce and Carol, Cherish Bound's Founders, waiting for me at my gate. I knew at that instant this would be four days I would never forget. The quality time I was able to spend with these two amazing people was priceless. Not very many people have been able to have this type of quality time with them. They were able to teach me, be examples and give me confirmation that what I’m doing with Cherish Bound is right.

I was able to meet people who were well-known in the Storytelling industry, have dinner with an author and receive and share knowledge and experiences with them. This time spent validated me as a credible resource for those with a passion for storytelling. It now gives me the right to say, “I’ve been to Jonesborough. I know what you love,” and I can now relate to this amazing world.

The main focus of this Jonesborough trip is this small little town, riddled with white tents and a beautiful mysterious history...not to mention there were over 10,000 story lovers gathered in one little place. I had no idea what I was in for. From tears to hysterical laughter, to deep thought, those storytellers entranced my mind hour after hour. Listening to the men and women lay their hearts and souls in the streets of Jonesborough gave me so much inspiration for life and motivation for my business.

I have walked away ready to conquer the Cherish Bound world. I learned from these tellers so many elements of story and why we are sharing Cherish Bound's message with the world. They were able to take very small, but significant moments in their lives and bring them to life right before my heart. I learned I can teach my customers to take a small and simple moment and turn it into a life-changing story for those they love. Sharing story is something that brings a little more light and a little more peace to the world around us.

If I can share anything with you at all it is that I hope you can grasp a small part of the passion that has stirred in me. Share it, tell it, live it! There truly is a magic in storytelling. Find out about storytelling festivals in your own area and go enjoy them with your family! It'll be come a new tradition that everyone will look forward to.

(This is a re-post from about a year ago,
when I was the only person who read my blog...maybe I still am the only person ;o)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

2 weeks ago I had a giveaway.... I Dare You I'm announcing the winner of the Cherish Bound Wordless Wednesday photo book today!! Random Draw picked....

Shari from A Psych Mommy!! Woo-hoo!!! Congrats! You just won a Cherish Bound photo/story book!!

For more Wordless Wednesday visit

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9-12 Project: Charity

Week 6 - Charity
Highlighting the 12 Values from Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project

Charity has two meanings... The "Practice" of Charity and the "Virtue" Charity. Both are of great importance.

Charity is giving of one self without expecting anything in return. Giving without expectations. By giving you enabled others to prepare to give back when it is their turn. Charity can be a donation of money or worldly goods, or even the donation of one's time, talents, and example. Sharing good words, faith, and encouragement are all forms of practicing Charity. This is the practice of benevolent giving.

I also think of Faith and Hope. What would Faith and Hope be without Charity. But when I hear the word Charity, I first think of the Savior. I think of the pure love of Christ. A few years back I received an email about Charity. I don't know the source, but I thought it was beautiful...

Charity is an unlimited loving-kindness towards all others. Charity is held to be the ultimate perfection of the human spirit, because it is said to both glorify and reflect the nature of God. In its most extreme form such love can be self-sacrificial.

Charity is comprised two parts, love of God and love of man, which includes both love of one's neighbor and one's self.

Can you imagine how the world would change if we could all strive to have Charity, the virtue, at the center of our giving?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Yearbook Challenge 2009 - Week 17

If you're new to the Family Yearbook Challenge click
HERE & then HERE

Don't forget to leave a comment and check in...I'm keeping track of all the comments posted in the Family YB Challenge for a big giveaway at the end of the go back and check in each of the FYBC posts if you haven't done so.

Last week was a "catch-up" week.... and so is this week and next week. I have to get through this month of May. With the end of school, sports, banquets, festivals, award ceremonies, team dinners, and TWINS....... I'm going to need the catch up too. Life has taken over my bloggy world the past few weeks. So let's plan to do some more catching up. Use May to catch up or take a breather. We'll have plenty to do when summertime be ready!!!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #34

Image from

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day! Today is a day of indulgence and bliss! I was honored to get a "tweet" from a "tweety" friend on Twitter today... (say that 5 times fast)

@LaurenH08 @cherishbound176 I read earlier today somewhere that today is Chocolate Chip Day and I thought of you!

She Thought Of ME! Of all the people in the world...she thought of me! I'm honored...

Chocolate chips and Diet Coke are staple items for me....they are part of my daily diet. There is nothing better than a handful of chocolate chips and a Diet Coke to keep a mama kicking.

So in honor of this most important day, I'd like to share oneof my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes with you. These are made usually once a month, around the same time... {wink-wink} I'll usually throw these together when a violent rage is brewing in me....a few spoonfuls of this dough calm me down and life resumes safely. I've been making these since I was about 14 years old.... Enjoy!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Cup Butter slightly softened

3/4 Cup sugar

1 Cup Brown Sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 Cups Flour

3/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 large bag of chocolate chips

On the lowest speed, cream together the butter, both sugars and then add eggs and then vanilla. In seprate bowl mix the flour, salt, and soda. Add slowly and cream together with mixture and mix slowly. Do no over mix. Add Chocolate Chips and mix. Bake at 350 degrees for about 9-10 minutes. Don't overcook...they're done when lightly brown.

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My Mama's Mother Day Gift...

Many of you know I love making these cute little Scrabble Picture Pendants.... You can click here and here to see other posts on those and where to get the goodies to make them and how to make them. I finally got my mom's done here it is...

It looks much better in person....i love the glass look over the picture. It's hard to see in this photo, but you put Diamond Glaze over the top and it look shiny and purty!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My favorite part of the story....

So many things going on this week with my kids and know the end of year wrap up with sports and school events, even church and business things....but most importantly my family.

Life is so good to me...because as I sit at each concert, baseball game, graduation, birthday party, and banquet, I realize how blessed I really am.

I'm blessed to be able to participate and volunteer for whatever I want, whenever I want....and I have total control over all of it. I feel so blessed that I have the freedom in my schedule to do these things and be with my kids. Don't get me wrong, it's been a wild few weeks, I have let out a few screams and slammed a few extra Diet Cokes, but I decided that I was going to enjoy this chaos.

It's the chaos that I agreed to and signed up for. This is what my life is's what I've always wanted it to be about. And it's here...and I'm living right in the middle of it...and I'm loving it.

So my beautiful bloggy baby is on hold for a few more days...I've only missed one day so far, but I have guilt. ;o) So I just wanted to give a heads up to any of you out there that are dropping in...I'm here, just enjoy a few more days of choatic life. Be right back...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tradition Favorites

I love traditions....Not sure if you noticed that or not, but I do.
I love them!

I wanted to highlight and share some of my favorite "Tuesday Traditions" that I posted a long time ago...when I was the only one who read my blog.

Lemonade Stands

Vacation Sand Collections

Daddy Daughter Dates

Easy Summer Fun

image from better homes and gardens.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Yearbook Challenge 2009 - Week 16

If you're new to the Family Yearbook Challenge click
HERE & then HERE

Don't forget to leave a comment and check in...I'm keeping track of all the comments posted in the Family YB Challenge for a big giveaway at the end of the go back and check in each of the FYBC posts if you haven't done so.

May is almost is almost out!! We're on a countdown and I CANNOT WAIT! There are so many stories that will be made in the summer months, so be ready for lots of homework...not to mention all of the school memories!! We've hit Week 16 in our Family Yearbook Challenge, which means it's catch up time! Use this week to catch on the past weeks of the Challenge or this will give you the chance to get started!!

Homework May 11-17:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5 (Catch up week)

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10 (Catch up week)

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Week 15

Family Yearbook/Story Info

Use this next week to catch up any missed events, organization of photos, scanning of memorabilia, etc. But if you have a specific event, story or just a simple little moment take the time to add it in now. Take the time to check spelling, grammar, type it into a Word-type document and save it in the correct files. Refer to the other posts for info about organizing your folders on your computer as well. A clean, neat system that will keep all your "homework" and info stored and easy to get to.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Mother of the Year 2009!

I guess after yesterday's heart-felt post, I got some media attention and have been selected as the Mother of the Year 2009...what an honor. I don't even know what to say....
Click HERE to see this amazing tribute video... {Sniffle...tears of joy}

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm Just Doin' My Part People...

It's not easy being green....for Kermit and our family of 7. With good intentions, I personally have struggled with the "going green" thing. I want to do good when it comes to the Earth...I REALLY do!! I think of this beautiful place as sacred and a gift. So please don't get me wrong....I really want to make a difference...but it's hard.

I mean, I've bought my reusable grocery bags, but I always forget them. I've removed my name from the phone book distribution list, and I even recycle all of our milk jugs, cans, newspapers...when I remember to get it out to the curb. I can give 38 excuses of why it's hard for me and my family...I've counted. We live an abnormally busy life, and we love it that way. So sometimes going the extra mile of going green gets put on the back burner...and I've had guilt....until yesterday...I had an epiphany!

I had a vision...or at least I thought I did...until I looked in the mirror and realized that no, it was not a vision. It was real.

I stared at myself in the mirror. I cocked my head to one side and then the other, took my hat off...ran my hand over my greasy pony-tailed hat-hair, got a little closer to mirror and realized that I was saving the world! Little ol' me was doing something "green"!

I was dirty.

I was on day 4 of no shower...I had saved gallons and gallons of water in just 4 days. And I've been saving gallons and gallons of water for like...10 years! This whole time I thought I wasn't contributing to the "green movement" and I have been!

I have no time to take showers everyday....I wish I could of course, but showers are a luxury for me right now.

Day 1: Shower. Lookin' good...get out in public, do errands, look people in the eyes...

Day 2: Quick brush of hair, a little make up...maybe pull top of hair back, but otherwise, still looking decent, kids are okay if I go out in public.

Day 3: Ponytail, lots of deodorant, stay in car when I go's only.

Day 4: Ponytail, HAT, the rest of the deodorant, say in doors.

I know...GENIUS! But I'm just trying to do my part know...

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - I Dare You...Giveaway!

Nothin' like a little Playground Dare....right?
How about a little Wordless Wednesday Dare for you?
Would you like to win a published Cherish Bound 5x7 softbound book with up to 24 weeks of your Wordless Wednesday photos published in it???

Of course you would! It'll make a great keepsake for your family and let your little ones or even your hubby have a look into your WW world that they may not otherwise see.... To enter the giveaway here's what you have to do!

Leave a comment and link your Wordless Wednesday in Mr. Linky. For 5 extra entries mention this WW giveaway at your Wordless Wednesday and you're in!

US residence Only. Giveaway starts May 6, 2008 and ends on May 19, 2008 @ 11:59pm. Winner will be announced 5/20 WW!
PLEASE! PLEASE! Leave your email in your comment if you don't have a blog profile.
So enter right now... I DARE YOU!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

9-12 Project: Humility

Week 5 - Humility
Highlighting the 12 Values from Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project the opposite of Pride. And in my personal opinion, pride, the lack of humility, is partially to blame for the chaos, uneasiness, and disorder that is weighing on families, communities and even our nation.

To have humility we must stop comparing ourselves to others. It's absolutely impossible to be humble while putting oneself above others.

I was always taught that humility and faith go hand-in-hand. True humility comes from recognizing where our gifts, talents, and attributes come from. It's understanding and accepting that we are dependent on our Savior. Humility is not a characteristic of weakness or vulnerability or even fear. Humility is a sign of strength and acceptance of God and his son, Jesus Christ. To be humble in this world, today, shows courage and strength.

"Pride leads to every other vice.... Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man. We say that people are proud of being rich, or clever, or good-looking, but they are not. They are proud of being richer, cleverer, or better-looking than others. If every one else became equally rich, or clever, or good-looking there would be nothing to be proud about. It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition has gone, pride has gone"

-C.S. Lewis

Monday, May 4, 2009

Family Yearbook Challenge 2009 - Week 15 - Remembering Mom

If you're new to the Family Yearbook Challenge click HERE & then HERE
Don't forget to leave a comment and check in...I'm keeping track of all the comments posted in the Family YB Challenge for a big giveaway at the end of the go back and check in each of the FYBC posts if you haven't done so.

Homework May 4-10:

Yes, that's me and my mommy...

May is about Mother's. Whether you have one or you are one, Mother's are worth taking the time to write about. So this week's lesson is about YOUR mother, or grandmother, or aunt....the Mother figures in your life that have shaped you and made you the woman you are today. This week, pick at least one of these women to highlight in your family yearbook. Here are some ideas...
  • Interview them
  • Find out their favorites (quotes, scriptures, stories, people)
  • Ask them to tell you their favorite stories of motherhood
  • Take some pictures of them
  • Find some old pictures of them
  • Record memories from this past year with them
  • What's their favorite recipes
  • Tell how they have impacted you
  • Ask them to tell you about their "Lessons Learned" and any tips about life they can pass on
Now COPY and paste any photos that you have that go with these events and questions into a new folder titled April and create another folder for May. If you'd like to rename the photos you can with May 1, May 2, May 3 and so on and so on. If you have any memorabilia that is NOT digital, scan and save as a jpg. minimum 300 dpi to your May folder, named and labeled. If you have a "story" you can hand write it or "type" it into a document and save in the same folder.
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #33 - Video #2 Cherish Bound Books!

Video #2 is here! Watch this video to see different types of books, styles, and options with Cherish Bound's growing book options and designs!!

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