Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #26

Summer is almost over...but here are some fun things you can do with your family while we have a few days left!! Found these ideas in a magazine called Wonder Time!! If you have about an hour.....

  • Roll down a hill
  • Paint Rocks
  • Spray each other w/ seltzer
  • Play flashlight tag
  • Roast marshmallows
  • Catch some fireflies
  • Bake mud pies in the sun
  • Toss a frisbee
  • Start a grass fight
  • Look under stones near a pond
  • Run through the sprinkler
  • Read bedtime stories in a hammock
  • Organize a Crazy Eights tournament
  • Make a daisy chain
  • Smack a tetherball around
  • Snap a family picture at dusk
  • Weed (dandelions and such)
  • Hold watermelon seed-spitting contest
  • Catch some minnows
  • Jump rope w/ a hose stream
  • Work on your cartwheels
  • Launch foam rockets
  • Take a walk in your pj's

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