Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stories in the Mountains

Everyone at some point in their lives hopes for or waits for a life- changing experience. Jonesborough, Tennessee was that moment for me—a life change experience I’m truly grateful for.

So how can traveling far from home, leaving my family behind to head north to some back country in the mountains of Tennessee be a life changing experience and have such an impact on my life? I’ll tell you, but first let me give you some insight on “Pre-Jonesborough” times.

When I joined Cherish Bound I had many reasons why I wanted to join…great business opportunity, believed in the concept, wanted to find a “job” that I liked, feed my habit, success, and the list goes on. I wanted Cherish Bound in my life and in my family’s life and I wanted to successfully share it with others. I created an atmosphere around myself that included Cherish Bound. I have always known that it was no accident and I truly believe I have a mission with Cherish Bound.

So I won a trip to Jonesborough, Tennessee to the National Story Telling Festival for being the top Consultant that year. This was going to be an experience that left me walking away a different person.

I had a picture in my mind of what I thought the adventure would be like…little airplanes from hell, small creepy town, lots of walking, and you should know...I was 6 months pregnant with TWINS! As I arrived at the Atlanta airport to saw Bruce and Carol, Cherish Bound's Founders, waiting for me at my gate. I knew at that instant this would be four days I would never forget. The quality time I was able to spend with these two amazing people was priceless. Not very many people have been able to have this type of quality time with them. They were able to teach me, be examples and give me confirmation that what I’m doing with Cherish Bound is right.

I was able to meet people who were well-known in the Storytelling industry, have dinner with an author and receive and share knowledge and experiences with them. This time spent validated me as a credible resource for those with a passion for storytelling. It now gives me the right to say, “I’ve been to Jonesborough. I know what you love,” and I can now relate to this amazing world.

The main focus of this Jonesborough trip is this small little town, riddled with white tents and a beautiful mysterious history...not to mention there were over 10,000 story lovers gathered in one little place. I had no idea what I was in for. From tears to hysterical laughter, to deep thought, those storytellers entranced my mind hour after hour. Listening to the men and women lay their hearts and souls in the streets of Jonesborough gave me so much inspiration for life and motivation for my business.

I have walked away ready to conquer the Cherish Bound world. I learned from these tellers so many elements of story and why we are sharing Cherish Bound's message with the world. They were able to take very small, but significant moments in their lives and bring them to life right before my heart. I learned I can teach my customers to take a small and simple moment and turn it into a life-changing story for those they love. Sharing story is something that brings a little more light and a little more peace to the world around us.

If I can share anything with you at all it is that I hope you can grasp a small part of the passion that has stirred in me. Share it, tell it, live it! There truly is a magic in storytelling. Find out about storytelling festivals in your own area and go enjoy them with your family! It'll be come a new tradition that everyone will look forward to.

(This is a re-post from about a year ago,
when I was the only person who read my blog...maybe I still am the only person ;o)

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Warren Baldwin said...

What an exciting trip. What a great honor to win such a trip! Congratulations. I want to learn more about storytelling as I think it would help in preaching.

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