Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Daddy is a Pretzel....

With Father's Day just around the corner, my friend Heidi from Barefoot Books has some great book suggestions for kids and their dads.

One of my favorites.... My Daddy is a Pretzel

Just picturing my hubby doing this makes me laugh SERIOUSLY out loud!!! This would bring lots of laughter into our home!

Limber up with this unique, child-friendly yoga book! Created for parents and children to share together, but also suitable for adults and older children to use alone, My Daddy is a Pretzel not only introduces a range of postures, it also connects the practices to everyday life, showing how families can integrate their yoga with their activities in the world. A light-hearted look at yoga, yet one with a lasting message, My Daddy is a Pretzel is a wonderful introduction to yoga for readers of all shapes and sizes.

I love this one... Shopping With Dad

Disaster strikes on a Saturday shopping trip! How can Dad and daughter set things right?
It’s Saturday, and one small girl and her Dad are heading for the supermarket while Mom is working. It’s so exciting! How can she contain herself? She tries —but she can’t! An enormous sneeze sets in motion a small calamity, and Dad gets the blame. But when his daughter speaks up and takes responsibility for her actions, the mood changes... Fast-paced, funny with a simple, uplifting message, this playful rhyming read-aloud is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud!

And don't forget Grandpa's with this adorable book... Journey Home from Grandpa's

Young travelers will delight in this colorful journey. Along the way from country to city, they'll learn about different colors and modes of transportation, and sing along with Fred Penner to the catchy road-trip song.

Visit Heidi Here to get these great specials in JUNE!

Shopping with Dad $13.99 HC
My Daddy is a Pretzel $12.99 HC
Journey Home from Grandpa's $3.99 PB

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