Friday, May 22, 2009

If my dad was a superhero he would be....

"He would be Mr. Incredible"

....that's what the Z-man said about his daddy, Shrek.

"Because he's strong, and he's awesome, and he teaches me how to fish, and he takes me camping...oh, and because he can win everything and he's the boss."

I chatted with Z-man in the car and asked him what he wanted to get his daddy for Father's Day and he told me he wanted to take him to the movies to see Transformers 2. I told him that would be awesome....but we'd have to wait until July to he thought some more. And said, "I want to make him another book!" Ah-ha! That's my boy!!!

So we decided to make him another Cherish Bound book. He's done one for his daddy for the past 3 years....the A-Z's of Camping, Just Me and My Dad and The Top 10 Reasons I Love My Dad. Amazing gifts, dad cried every time...

This time I asked him to finish the sentence:

If my dad was a superhero he would be...

And that's the title of his next Father's Day book. He's drawn some pictures and had me be the scribe for him as we typed his story into the Cherish Bound Publishing Center. He's so excited to come home and work on it after school...I can't wait to show you pictures of it!!

So do your kids need a creative and unique Father's Day gift??

Yes! They do, right! Not another tie.... Let the kids touch his heart through the power of story.

If you'd like your kids to make their daddy a Superhero Story Book I'm here to get you started! They can create a 24-page, softbound, 5x7 book for only $29 (before shipping*). It's the perfect gift and EVERY DADDY WILL LOVE IT!

Step 1: Pre-Purchase your $29 publishing HERE

Step 2: I'll set up your Cherish Bound account and you'll go into the publishing center and begin typing in their story, thoughts, messages...whatever they want to say. They can create their own superhero if they want...there are no rules! Then begin adding photos and/or scanned images of drawings too.

Step 3: Submit for publishing by June 1st. I'll even check over your book, make sure everything looks prefect. Cherish Bound will print, bind and ship you your book in about 10-15 business days.

It's Easy and Affordable! Give the gift that keeps on giving...Story is powerful and I promise it will be the BEST gift your kids could EVER GIVE THEIR DADDY!

*shipping will be paid by customer upon publishing submission.

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The Jacobsen Family! said...

Adorable!! That is a great idea too... I'll have to keep it in mind. Maybe get some more info on it from your other blog!

Warren Baldwin said...

This book is a good idea.

Thanks for visiting Family Fountain and leaving a comment about why your read and write. I like this statement you made about why you write, "Capturing all my families stories and personal history... i want to make sure we leave a legacy behind."

When my kids were little (they are now 23, 20, 16) I started writing letters to them explaining why their mom and I made decisions that we did (moving from Florida to Wyoming), the emotions we experienced, etc. They were too young to understand then, but I want them to understand for the benefit of their own lives, later. I also wrote about the values and ethics Cheryl and I hold on marriage, family, finances, debt, Christ, service, etc. I wrote with the idea that, if something ever happened to Cheryl and me, and we couldn't explain all this to the kids, they'd have a book of letters from us to explain all that was valuable and meaningful in our lives. In that way, through writing, we could pass on our legacy.

That is what you are doing, and it is a great idea. Thanks again for visiting. WB

Together We Save said...

Great idea.

Muthering Heights said...

Oh my goodness, that's so sweet!

Mammatalk said...

What a heartwarming idea.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh so precious words!! Ain't love grand?!

Amy W said...

How sweet is that boy of yours! And what a great idea!

sunnymama said...

How sweet! The books sound such a lovely idea :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

Very cute!


Nell said...

My heart is MELTING!