Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tradition Favorites

I love traditions....Not sure if you noticed that or not, but I do.
I love them!

I wanted to highlight and share some of my favorite "Tuesday Traditions" that I posted a long time ago...when I was the only one who read my blog.

Lemonade Stands

Vacation Sand Collections

Daddy Daughter Dates

Easy Summer Fun

image from better homes and gardens.


Angela said...

I am so bad at keeping things the same from year to year or time to time, I do not think I have very many traditions. Way to go with yours!

Marshmallow Circus said...

Love your traditions...

from a mommy of six

Robynn's Ravings said...


Cookie said...

I'm so bad at this... my kids wanted a lemonade stand and I said "no." :(

Terry said...

Oh my I love traditions.
I was never so suprised as when our son was all grown up and left home to live on his own and continued on with his family traditions.
With this said just know that you too will someday be suprised that what you have planted will not only take root but also keep growing from generation to generation.
Being a Mom does have some unbelievable moments that are simply priceless.

Debbie said...

I am a big believer in traditions as well. These are some great ones.

Kelly's Ideas said...

I remember having a Lemonade stand as a kid....we thought we were rich at the end of the day...and my husband's biggest joys is taking his daughters on individual dates... and making good memories.


Linda said...

I love the vacation sand collections. I remember having a lemonade stand as a kid. What fun!

Lydia Dustin said...

I love traditions too! Have a nice break see you soon. Stop feeling guilty. :)