Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Tradition - Family Trivia

This traditions requires a little prep today or tomorrow, but it's so worth it and so much fun!  We have to celebrate our holidays without the warmth and loveable chaos that most families do becuase we live 2000 miles away from everyone, but we did this in the past with our extended family and it was the highlight of the day! 

Send out a questionnaire to everyone that will be attending Thanksgiving together...even those who may not attend in person.  Plan questions so that they answers will reveal funny tidbits of your family history that not everyone has heard before.  Make sure everyone brings their answered questions to Thanskgiving so you can have yourselves a Family Trivia game! 

Need some question help? has a great list of questoins and ideas!!  See below -

Family: These questions should be about family members, alive or deceased, their accomplishments, favorite things, or birthplaces. Second cousins and great greats can be included in the harder questions.

History: Look at your children's history homework for ideas. Also consider questions about historical places you've visited on vacation, like the Alamo, or history about your state. Family history can also be incorporated.

Science: Again, your children's homework will help here. Consider questions from museum exhibits you've attended or movies you've seen. How about kitchen science? Garage science? Computer science? Questions about favorite family animal shows would also be appropriate.

Literature: Books you've read together, or favorite childhood books are wonderful sources for literature questions. Who wrote a favorite book? Who are the main characters? Movies are also a good source of questions. For instance, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is a movie, but it's also a book. Questions about the story, sequels, or C.S. Lewis would be appropriate.

Art: Have you and your kids visited an art museum? Have you read art books? How about that print in the living room? If it's famous, questions about the artist would be great. Questions about colors and color mixing, different media, and even book illustrators will work well.

Geography: Vacations! Questions like, "How many states do we cross to get to Florida?" and "Which states do we cross to get to Florida?" will be customized just for your family. Have you worked a country or world puzzle together? Use questions about the puzzle. Even questions about your city's streets are appropriate: "Main street runs in which two directions?"

Sports & Liesure: This is a topic your entire family will love because it can be so personal. How many years has Suzie taken ballet? What was her first performance? Johnny plays soccer, but does anyone know the score to his last game? What sport did Mom play in fifth grade? Dad won first chair in the high school jazz band playing which instrument? If Jenny could play any instrument in the world, what would it be? What was the first song June and Henry danced to at their wedding reception? 

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays In Hand with Jessica Sprague

Don't miss out on this wonderful FREE class given by Jessica Sprague... Holidays In Hand.
The FINAL class of 2009 began this morning, but there's still time to toss your hat into the ring!  
FREE registration will end tonight at 11:59pm, so go claim a spot!

This class will help you capture the hopes, memories and wonderment of the holidays.  This class helps us focus on what's important during the holidays.

We'll be making a great project to help you tell your holiday stories both past and present.  This class is for EVERYONE. Since you don't have to know Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, grab a friend to join you in class!
Registration is easy and free!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Back....

I'm back...

Life has gotten chaotic-busy in wonderful ways and blogging was taking a backseat. I'm here and out...still busy, but hoping to keep up on my all my blogging. I have so many saved posts and ideas. I haven't even had time to try and post one up. But hopefully in a day or two I'll be moving along.

I do have some great holiday giveaways planned...I owe that to you! I can't wait to give some presents away! ♥

I did finish the pettiskirt...

Go me! It was HARD! I'm not going to lie....tedious! But she was so cute as our little Autumn Fairy.

Homecoming was a blast...we had 20 kids over for a candlelight dinner. My girl is growing up! Makes me happy-sad...

Genealogy has become a big hobby for me lately...I could go on and on about that! What an amazing experience that has been... Found my long lost family that had been forgotten.

So much more has been happening in our little world, but with all the craziness I have managed to be creative and create...which has probably kept me SANE! I'll share some of my fun with you soon....

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