Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #21

Lemonade Stands!

How much fun are those?? I remember as a child setting up lemonade stands during my mom and grandmother's quarterly yard sales, on hot summer days when there was NOTHING to do, and even in the cold days of December trying to earn some extra Christmas cash. Those were the days!

My 5-year-old has just discovered this idea and is OBSESSED with selling lemonade. At first I thought, "Oh, come on...this is too much work! I have to get the table out, make the signs, make the sticky lemonade...." But I realized that I have some incredibly fun childhood memories of sitting behind my little table and my neighbors dropping quarters into my cup.

So if you need a fun summer tradition....go out and sale some lemonade with your kiddos! Everyone loves a yummy cold cup of lemonade and the sticky smiles that are made!

Here is a link to FamilyFun. They have some cute Lemonade Signs already made up and ready to print. Click HERE!

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