Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughtful & Thrifty Swap Parties

I love "Home Made Simple".... It's a great show on TLC on Saturdays afternoons. I love their creative ideas and I love visiting their website for all their unique and crafty ideas...that I can actually do. They're affordable, usable, and fun! This is one idea from their current newsletter that I had to share....

"You know what they say about the art of gift giving—it’s the thought that really counts. This month, forego the penny pinch and host a fun-filled swap party with your favorite friends, right at home. From clothes and keepsakes to photos and food, it’s a wonderful way to get together, pass along personal treasures and walk away with something new. Find inspiration in our clever theme ideas and simple craft instructions for a party that is as fun and thoughtful as it is budget-friendly. And the best part? No one goes home empty-handed."

How fun does this sound?? They have so many swap party ideas that are great for some summertime fun with your friends and neighbors, or maybe at our family reunions. Here are some of my favorite ideas....

All ideas and images are from www.homemadesimple.com

Recipe Swap
Learn the secrets to your friends’ signature dishes by organizing a simple recipe swap. Ask your friends to bring in copies of their favorite recipe card to pass out to each guest, then craft decorative recipe tins for stowing cards in style. With a new collection of easy, sure-to-please recipes in hand, your guests will leave inspired to take back the kitchen.Photo Swap

Photo Swap
Hosting a photo swap with your favorite gal pals brings a whole new meaning to sharing memories. Ask each of your friends to bring a variety of picture frames that they no longer use, along with copies of their favorite photographs from special occasions and funny moments spent together. As you pass these treasured keepsakes around, you’ll relive your fondest moments as friends and come away with “new-to-you” frames and photos. At your swap party, you can offer inspired ideas for using picture frames in unexpected ways. Suggest using them to frame modern heirlooms like handmade face silhouettes, or as the perfect casing for delicate pressed flowers.

Plant & Seed Swap

Give your garden a boost by hosting a plant and seed swap party with your green-thumbed pals. Whip up quick and easy appetizers, served alfresco, and exchange gardening advice and plant cuttings or seeds. Set out a table where your guests can display their favorite plants and seeds, reminding them to label the pieces and mock up quick cards listing the care instructions. As you talk botanicals, start up a fun game of plant trivia, share your favorite photos of prize gardens, and even suggest an impromptu trip to a local garden center. With a simple garden swap party, everyone will leave with new knowledge and new materials to bring to life in their own backyard.

There so many treasures to swap!! Most of us have been neck deep in spring cleaning....so now is the time to plan some fun parties....all about swapping! Keep your parties simple and fun this summer...no more big elaborate over-done parties. Enjoy a brunch swap or chocolate night with your best friends and some swapping!!!

So tell me....what swap party ideas would you love to host or attend???

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pam said...

I would love a recipe swap.

Please be sure to drop by my blog and enter my giveaway!

Sarah said...

What fun ideas! The recipe swap would be a lot of fun, especially if done potluck style and everyone could bring their dish for sampling.

Muthering Heights said...

That DOES sound like fun...there are so many ways to do each one!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a fun way to recycle and have a ball with your best buds!!

Amy W said...

When I first started reading this post, I was imagining my pile of stuff getting ready for a garage sale, and swapping it for more junk! I really like the idea of a recipe swap. Everyone really does benefit from new recipes! I do this via email all the time, but it's so much better to have a party in person. We don't do that enough anymore.

Erin Elizabeth said...

Great idea! I like the recipe swap cause I love to cook and always on the lookout for great new recipes.


heather said...

What a great idea!!