Friday, May 15, 2009

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #34

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Today is National Chocolate Chip Day! Today is a day of indulgence and bliss! I was honored to get a "tweet" from a "tweety" friend on Twitter today... (say that 5 times fast)

@LaurenH08 @cherishbound176 I read earlier today somewhere that today is Chocolate Chip Day and I thought of you!

She Thought Of ME! Of all the people in the world...she thought of me! I'm honored...

Chocolate chips and Diet Coke are staple items for me....they are part of my daily diet. There is nothing better than a handful of chocolate chips and a Diet Coke to keep a mama kicking.

So in honor of this most important day, I'd like to share oneof my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes with you. These are made usually once a month, around the same time... {wink-wink} I'll usually throw these together when a violent rage is brewing in me....a few spoonfuls of this dough calm me down and life resumes safely. I've been making these since I was about 14 years old.... Enjoy!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Cup Butter slightly softened

3/4 Cup sugar

1 Cup Brown Sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 Cups Flour

3/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 large bag of chocolate chips

On the lowest speed, cream together the butter, both sugars and then add eggs and then vanilla. In seprate bowl mix the flour, salt, and soda. Add slowly and cream together with mixture and mix slowly. Do no over mix. Add Chocolate Chips and mix. Bake at 350 degrees for about 9-10 minutes. Don't overcook...they're done when lightly brown.

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A "cheery" disposition said...

I am going to try baking these chocolate chip cookies.

Amy W said...

I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Really I do. Now I must go indulge myself!!

Muthering Heights said...

I celebrated by eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag...I'm pregnant, I need to conserve energy, LOL!

Groovy Mom said...

Took me 2 seconds to get the *wink wink* and then I'm like... oh YEAAAAAH. :)

I'll have to try these; always looking for another CCC recipe to try!!

Erin Elizabeth said...

Hi Tara! I can sooooo identify with you on the chocolate and diet coke thing!!! The diet coke is EVERY day, but the chocolate is usually once a month (wink, wink) like you said!!! I will be making these cookies very soon!! They sound delicious!

Design it Chic said...

oh my, i can't believe i lost the National Chocolate Chip Day:( bummer

Oh well, does it count if I'll celebrate it today?? any day is good for chocolate chips after i guess it counts, right?:D

Happy Monday!
(fellow SITS, you know)

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Tara! Thanx for your sweet comment:D Ok now this is my type of post...CHOCOLATE!!! Most people in my family know that I have a sweet tooth and that I will bring a dessert to family gatherings. They don't mind being my guinea pigs when I feel adventurous lol. I will prob delight them this your choc chip cookie recipe next time we meet! I'll have to let you know how that went even though I'm pretty sure I'll have chocalaty faces on my pics lol. Should be interesting!

I also wanted to ask if you could send me more info on Cherish Bound. I really need to pray because I would like to work from home and help out financially. There are several things I'm looking at and figured you could kinda let me know a little more about how it work? Maybe tell me about a typical workday?
I will email you my email address. BTW I was raised in Florida for 16 years. We lived in Orlando... My family still lives there so we go about once a year. We might be moving to the east coast soon. We actually got engaged at Clearwater beach!

Have a beautiful day in the Lord!!!

Hugs, Susan

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I LOVE chocolate! =) I'll save this recipe, but chances are it wont make it to the oven! I loves me some chocolate chip cookie dough!! LOL!