Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Tradition #39

Valentine's Day Family Breakfast

Tonight on twitter at our "Girl's Nite Out" April from Sweet Life in the Valley shared a great family tradition that you can do on Valentine's Day with your family...and V-day is on SATURDAY this year so this will be perfect!

She said, "Each year we always do a Valentines day breakfast in reds & pinks like heart shaped waffles with strawberries & raspberries."

How cute is that?

We also have made Sunnyside Eggs and Toast with a cut out.

Yummy & Cute

So in my search for more ideas I came across Design Mom's post about her amazing Valentine's Breakfast traditions and many other V-day traditions listed as well. You must check out this post! Her ideas are adorable! And Amazing!

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Sweet Blessings said...

That's much cuter than the one my mom used to make. She'd cut the center out with a glass-cook it the same way- and call it the one-eyed monster. :)

heather said...

Those pancakes are YELLING my name. dang it.