Thursday, January 8, 2009

Storytime ♥ All the Places to Love

In 1997, my mom gave my girls the book "All the Places to Love", by Patricia Maclachlan. At the time they were only 4 and 2 years old. I think I appreciated this book more at the time; however, as teens, they are now reading this same book to their siblings and I know they feel the beautiful words as the pictures touch their soul like it did for me...and still does every time I read it.

This book is a favorite among our children's books that have began filling our home for the past 15 years. I still get a little choked up when reading this's just beautiful. The artwork (by Mike Wimmer) is breathtaking.

The summary of the story is as follows:

"Within the sanctuary of a loving family, baby Eli is born and, as he grows, "learns to cherish the people and places around him, eventually passing on what he has discovered to his new baby sister, Sylvie: 'All the places to love are here . . . no matter where you may live.' Eli describes the favorite places that he shares with his family on his grandparents' farm and in the nearby countryside. All the places to love are the ones surrounding young Eli. On the day he is born, his grandmother holds him up to the window so that what he hears first is the wind, and what he sees first are the valleys, river and hilltop where blueberries grow, as his grandfather carves his name in the rafter of the barn, next to those of his grandparents and his parents. He will be lovingly shown the beauty and simple pleasure in his world, and will grow up knowing that no matter where life takes him, he will always think this is the best place because those who showed it to him, love him and these places more than anything else."

This book is a beautiful reminder of how important it is for me to create a place of love, security and welcome for my own children. In the chaos of our world, teaching our children to find peace and security within the walls of their home, with those they love is one of the best gifts we can give them. Not to mention it makes we want to move to the country's a story worth buying and sharing with your children. ♥


Ronnica said...

Congrats on becoming a SITSta!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing this book ... I'll have to find it for my kids.