Friday, January 16, 2009

My Husband Rocks ♥ #6

It's Friday and that means..... Katy Lin's "My Husband Rocks" is jamming today! And of course my hubby ROCKS! So let me share a little tid-bit from awhile back....

For those of you who have kids, you know the total nightmare planning a child's birthday party can be right? I mean, I love throwing parties...sort of...well, okay...I LOVE my kids and want them to have amazing birthdays, but honestly the party planning thing is NOT on my list of favorite things to do. The older they get, teenage years, it's a little easier and funner (is that a word?)....anyway, my little Luke Skywalker was turning 6 awhile back and I was DREADING the party thing....

What do you do for a 6 year old BOY party....all the boys are rough-n-tumble type boys! They're adorable though...but need to be kept outside or caged up. I was putting it off, the date was getting closer...putting off....and then Superman, yes, my hubby stepped in. {Sighhhh}

Here's what this man did...

1. Planned an outdoor adventure GUY's Party!
2. Only sons and fathers allowed
3. Bring your tents
4. Sleeping bags
5. He planned and cooked ALL the food. BBQ hot dogs & steak, baked beans, plenty of munchies to go around.
6. Ice chests full of Capri-Suns
7. Warrior bandannas made out of camo print for each boy
8. Took them on a Night Snipe Hunt and Treasure hunt
9. S'mores! Yes, S'mores too!
9. One of the dad's actually read them a book in the fort before bed!
10. Made breakfast - pancakes, bacon, sausage & eggs OUTSIDE on the grill the next morning
11. Cleaned up and everyone out of our backyard by 8 am

HELLO! Amazing? Yes! Absolutely ROCKIN'! I ♥ that man!!

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Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

Awww he does rock :)

Love the new look of the blog btw.


Kay-Kay said...

Wow! How amazing that he did all that for you and his son. That does rock! That will probably be one of your son's favorite birthday memories. So cool.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Katie said...

Wowza! - That's a LOT of work! And it sounds like such a cool party....I guess you don't call him Superman for nothing! :)

Debra said...

That is truly awesome, Tara! He does ROCK!

Blessings to you today!

Carla said...

WOW! I wanna go to a party like that (only I'm a girl), thanks for sharing!!!

Debbie said...

That party sounds wonderful. And I do love the new blog look!

jen@odbt said...

That is one rockin' hubby. Way to go! Does that mean he's now the official party planner?

Reborn said...

All I can say is: that is TOTALLY impressive! He could teach awesome hubby lessons!