Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calling all Team Moms and Room Moms!

Is that you? Are you in charge of gift ideas for coaches and teachers? Are you sick of the dreaded dust-collecting trophies and metals or boring apple-themed gifts? If you answered yes, sort of, maybe or no...Keep Reading.

From my personal experience I can tell you that what I'm about to share with you is valuable information...seriously. It will change you. You will no longer be the mediocre mom or dad who collects $20 per family for gifts that are somewhat mundane and meaningless...that pretty much does nothing for the soul. So if you're ready to be popular...possibly famous...Keep Reading.

It's time to up the ante ladies (& gents)'s time to raise the bar of team, coach and teacher gifts. With a little prep and some help from me you'll be the talk of the town and so will your gifts. So what am I talking about?


Yes, you can put together gorgeous photo/story books for those important people. I've done MANY of them and have yet to encounter a recipient that doesn't tear up, thank me on a daily basis, show EVERYONE that walks within 25 feet of them. These books will have more of an impact than you know. Here are some of the books and stories behind them.

Teacher Books:

This book was done for a 4th grade teacher. Each child drew a picture and/or submitted a photo along with a story or thank you note. The hand written letters and pictures were scanned into the book. I saw the teacher receive this book and it's now been 4 years since she received it. To this day she still thanks us for putting together her "most prized possession" ever!

This is a book I just did for my son's kindergarten teacher for Christmas. We collected favorite recipes from all the kids in her class, along with a drawn picture or photo from each child. We put together an entire collection of recipes...over 50 pages! The name "Secret Ingredients" came from the inspiration of the of the mom's interviewed each kid and asked them what their favorite recipe was and what the ingredients were...hysterical! It's a good thing those little ones aren't cooking! She has expressed her appreciation over and over again. She said she had never received anything more spectacular as a teacher.

Team/Coaches Books:

These team/sports books are becoming the replacement for cheap trophies and metals. This first set of books are soccer-style "yearbooks" that recap a season for the players and coaches. Players can give their two-cents, what they learned, greatest moment, etc. Action shots of the kids can be placed right into the book giving each player a spread or two.

This is one of my favorite coach books I've ever done. This was a big season for these girls, lots of long hours and hard work. Each girl took the time to write the coaches letters of appreciation and what they learned. We put all their letters and photos in this book and gave it to the coaches for their end of the season gift. Little did the girls know that they too were getting a book....but theirs had personal messages from the coach. Everyone was touched by the words, photos, and grateful to have this treasure.

This is a players book that we did for each child's end of the year gift. These took a little more time because they were all individually customized for each kid. We even interviewed the little guys and asked them questions about their season. The answers were priceless!

There are 100's of options, 1000's of sports & Millions of stories to be shared and given at the end of each sporting season. From Cheer Squads to Hockey Teams, Swimmers to Golfers...every athlete and coach has a story to tell. If you'd like more information on getting started just drop me a comment or email me at tarabrown at cherishbound dot com. I have an entire "workshop" I'll email you so you can have direction and steps to follow. Don't wait!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I would have known about this BEFORE Christmas.

Debbie said...

That is a great idea! I love it.

Michelle said...

Oh that is such a neat idea. We did something like that last year for Little Miss's teachers at preschool... but no drawings or stories, just pictures throughout the year. I love this idea so much! I'm definitely going to have to keep this in mind for awhile.

Thanks so much for stoppping by my blog today. The SITS feature was so much fun, and I really appreciate all the wonderful comments. I hope you'll come back to visit again soon!

Barbara said...

Oh wow, so glad I saw this now...I think I have time to put together a book for my son's Kindergarten teacher, I love the idea! I don't have pictures, but the drawings idea and asking the kids questions is fabulous. Off to email some other moms and see what they think.