Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...The Glory Days

Yes, that's me! Found these newspaper photos while rummaging through some old boxes. I was a star at one town icon!
I can't stop laughing...
(sorry this wasn't "Wordless", but it's just funny!)

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Peggy said...

WOW! I am impressed! I do not have an athletic bone in my body. I knew you were athletic since you posted your "jogging" scenery pictures:)

Happy WW!

CrackerJacks said...

Totally cool! Not only are the shots pretty neat, but that you had these to share! I might have to go looking through my stuff. LOL!

heather said...

my hubby has a million pictures of "the glory days"
they look a lot like these!! Way to e an athlete! I'm inmpressed!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

How fun - what a great find!!

Happy WW,

Pamela Kramer said...

That is really cool! You should be pretty proud of yourself. It's something to share with your kids and grandchildren. ;)
Happy WW and thanks for stopping by my blog.

casual friday everyday said...

Look at you! GO GIRL :D