Thursday, October 16, 2008

Once Upon a Time...A Strong Sense of Self ***GIVEAWAY

Cherish Bound has supported and embraced the art of storytelling since Day 1. Cherish Bound has promoted and said repeatedly, "there is no substitute for the power, simplicity, and basic truth of the well-told story." Cherish Bound has found a way to bring story back to its roots, the family.

Cherish Bound now has an brilliantly laid out special interest page on our website all about storytelling. Click here to view the Storytelling Page. Learn about story and family and how putting Storytelling into your family will bring rewards beyond measure.

Storytelling is for everyone. For many years storytelling has been overlooked and assumed only for a certain crowd or friends, that's not so. Storytelling is where brilliant life is shared. I've heard and listened to many storytellers on the stage. It's an incredible experience to lose yourself in story. Something this special is not just for the stage and's for individuals, children, parents, grandparents, families...and the list goes on. Many of us may never take the stage, but we can most certainly take center stage in our own living rooms.

Cherish Bound has featured Syd Lieberman on this new special interest page. I've had the privilege of sitting in a room with him and being personally instructed on the power of story. I've been blessed to hear his tales and learn about life. Check out his website and his newest CD, Abraham and Isaac: Sacrifice at Gettysburg. If its anything like his others, you will be swept away. I can't wait to hear it! ......and I'd love to give one a way!!!!!

Please take the time to read through this Storytelling page. The information is beautiful and real, and is exactly what Cherish Bound is all about. If you'd like to win a copy of Syd Lieberman's CD, Abraham & Issac, leave a comment and post about storytelling in your family with a link back to my blog and Cherish Bound's Storytelling page. Winner will be drawn November 13th!!

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