Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dinner Blessings #3

This past week has been a whirlwind for my entire family. When mama is occupied things tend to go a little sideways. So our normal dinner schedule was thrown up in the air....and shattered into a few pieces, but we're picking the pieces up and getting back on track. Tonight was one of those nights that makes a mama smile.

My hubby is traveling this week, so aside from his absence all 5 kids and I we actually home together all afternoon and evening. It was nice to not have to run anyone around from here to there. We were able to make a hodgepodge dinner and sit around and enjoy each other's company. But that wasn't the best part.

My oldest daughter (almost 15) has been studying the New Testament in her morning church class. My little man (almost 6) asked her about what she learned today at school in his manly little voice. I was expecting to hear about how hard her math test was or about her soccer tryouts, but that's not what she talked about. She talked about the parables that Christ taught and about the 100 scriptures she's trying to memorize. She talked about how she enjoys reading about Jesus Christ every morning before she goes to school because it just makes her feel safe and better and gives her some peace. I just sat back and listened to her share this with her other siblings and couldn't help but smile.

It was a wonderful moment at the dinner table...that was a true Dinner Blessing that I will never forget.

Share your Dinner Blessings with us and tell us about a sweet moment that happened at your dinner table.

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