Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm An Author - Children's Writing, Storytelling & Publishing Program

Since Cherish Bound officially released "I'm An Author" just over 3 years ago, children, schools, home schools and families all across the country have been immersed in the amazing power of story...told through a child.

The "IAA" program is an inspiring and life-changing program. I've personally witnessed children find themselves through story, gain confidence, and connect with others as they find, capture and share their stories. Children have so much to offer the world, but more often than not they're sweet voices are not heard. Children do have an amazing power and through story they create a self-confidence and begin to realize how amazing they really are.

It should come as know surprise that Cherish Bound, the leader in family story, has developed such an amazing program. Our consultants are out in schools, camps, home schools, in-home workshops, and various other places, all across the US, teaching and inspiring the little souls of our nation...teaching them about story and showing them how to write and publish their tales.

I feel so blessed to be apart of such an amazing thing. The impact it has had on me as an instructor and mother has not only brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye, but it has given me the reassurance that this generation of children rising up are here for a purpose. They have strength, imagination, and the ability to do ANYTHING!

I've been wanting to share IAA for awhile on my blog, so now I've decided it's time to spread the word. I'm going to post about IAA in a 3 part series. Tomorrow I'll give you some more information about the program itself and how it works and then Friday I'll share with you how to get it started in your area. Of course I'm always up for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the giveaway on FRIDAY! You don't want to miss it....your kids will love i! (wink-wink)


heather said...

When I was in school (college school) we did something like this at the el. school down the street and they LOVED it! The kid's confidence was boosted a ton! It was a really fun time! Glad to see its a whole program!

Evie said...

What a great program! My sixth grade teacher made us MAKE a book every week for a story we wrote. We had to cut the cardboard, cover it with fabric, find a way to bind our pages together inside it. I still have those books! Now as I homeschool, I can't wait to "make" my kids do the same thing. I learned so much through those projects, from writing, art, construction, etc. It's good to see there are great programs out there encouraging kids and building them up.