Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tradition #43 - March Is All About WOMEN!

Did you know March is Women's History Month?

I didn't...just found out! Why is this not radiating through the media? Why is it not plastered on magazines or newspapers? Why are women, good women, who helped shape our nation not recognized the way they should be?? And not just popular famous women? What about the average woman who kept a family together and thriving during the depression? Or a single mom who fought to keep her children fed and clothed as her husband fought for freedom 1000's of miles away? Or a women who followed her dreams of becoming a teacher, doctor, or dentist despite the odds and obstacles?

Women's History Month is a time to celebrate the tradition and legacy of women. I was reading a letter from the editor, Julie B., in HomeMadeSimple's newsletter that said this:

"March is Women’s History Month: a time for celebrating women’s heritage and inspiring stories. Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive, through storytelling, handing down recipes, and keeping family treasures safe. This month, we’ll take a look back to highlight the classic and timeless heirlooms, comforting recipes and traditions that enrich our lives and homes today."

Perfectly said...

My challenge to you WOMEN, keep the role alive! Embrace and honor the roll we have in keeping our family and community history alive...pass on the stories of your life, create warmth and joy in your home, and respect the treasures that have been put in our care. Through traditions we can fulfill this sacred calling of being a wife, mother and woman.

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Mammatalk said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me about Women in History month. We always made a big deal out of it at the elementary school where I taught. We invited "actresses" to dress up as famous women and entertain the kids. You are right, It should be more out there, though! Great post!

Linda said...

Thanks for reminding me. Nice post on an important topic.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Lovely...well put....love the music and wondering what and who it is? Very fitting for your post.

"Oh no, you never let go." Is that it?

Kristen Andrews said...

Hi Tara, thanks for the comment on my listing at mommadethat.com, glad u like the hand stamped hammered mommy necklace. I just did one today w/ 5 names on the 1 inch :) but I also ordered 1 1/8 inch discs to accomodate larger names. Again thanks!