Thursday, March 26, 2009

Storytime ♥ Reading To Children Ages 1-2

Here's another great post by guest blogger, Heidi Rosenberg
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Now your child is really beginning to understand. Pick books with a couple of sentences per page. Keep acting out your stories. The stiller you are the more the child will like it. If you are reading about animals make animal noises. Most likely your baby will think this is really funny and start laughing, eventually your baby will start making the noise back to you. Ask them questions about the pictures. Ask them what the animal says?

As your child approaches the age of 2, they will have a greater understanding of words and may even be able to answer questions about what they see on the page. Point to a picture, ask them what it is, if they get it right make a big deal about it this will make them want to try again the next time you ask them a question. If they don’t get it right the first time don’t get upset, say what it is and help them sound it out, congratulate them when they try. Tell them the color of the object and ask them to repeat it then perhaps move to the next page and ask them to find that color on that page.

Remember that it is perfectly normal for a toddler to want the same book over and over again, it is reassuring for them and it helps with memory skill. As time goes by if you start leaving gaps in your sentences, your child will probably complete the sentence.

Many of our books include music CDs, what better way to reinforce words than singing along with the words. You could even play the music while you drive and let the child hold the book. My daughters favorite is the Animal Boogie. All her friends love to dance to it at playgroup. My sons who is now 21 months likes Portside Pirates.


heidi said...

Its free shipping on all Barefoot books between March 28th and 31st.

Kara Herron said...

Hey Tara,
Thanks for reviewing books on your blog. I've decided to do the same thing, and I'm having so much fun rediscovering some of my kids' fave books! I do my reviews everything Thursday if you're interested. I don't always do kids' books, but I will probably do them at least twice a month.

Love your blog - it's one of my faves. You ROCK, girl!


Inviting Company said...

New here, I look forward to following!

Robynn's Ravings said...

These were fun and happy times for me when they were little, reading favorite children's books together. We are a READ TOGETHER family even though they are teens. :)