Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Yearbook Challenge 2009 - Week 5

What a beautiful weekend it has been. The weather here in Florida has been a dream...beautifully perfect! I love longggg weekends because I love the short week that follows it. I love having my family home with me...I love the company, but I really love the extra day to get chores done.

Our 5th week of the Family Yearbook Challenge is here and I'm hoping you're all moving along at a good pace. This week, we're going to recap the 4 weeks we just went though. I'll try and give you come "Catch-Up" time every 4 to 6 weeks. We have a lot of new people joining us weekly, so this will give our newcomers some time to get caught up and if you've found yourself a little busy lately this will give you some extra time to catch up.

Homework Feb 16 - 22:

Week 1: Click here

Week 2: Click Here

Week 3: Click Here

Week 4: Click Here

Use this next week to catch up any missed events, organization of photos, scanning of memorabilia, etc. But if you have a specific event, story or just a simple little moment take the time to add it in now. Take the time to check spelling, grammar, type it into a Word-type document and save it in the correct files. By next Monday, you should be entirely caught up, on the edge of your seat....waiting for homework. ♥
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Heather said...

Here we are six weeks into the new year and I JUST got my camera out to take some pictures for my blog. I used to have it out constantly when my daughter was a baby, but now it seems we're all so busy with other things. I will have to snap a few pictures of tonight.

Krystal said...

Just "checking in" for this week 5. I appreciate this catch up weeks every now and then. They helped me get caught up from starting the challenge late! :)

Amy said...

Thanks for this one! I think I'll be caught up by the time you get off spring break. Yeah!