Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kingdom Chaos - Weekend Edition 1

I'm so proud of myself...I remember to post "Kingdom Chaos" update this weekend!! Yes, it's my weekend update of our chaotic family's weekly adventures. Busy-busy-busy week! Actually, lots happening in the past few weeks, so family, I want to catch you up on our excitement...

Two Birthdays in January...well, 3 birthdays but 2 days of celebrating. Twins turned 2...OH MY GOSH! Can't believe it. Where does the time go? We had a fun little party for them with a few of their friends...I called it a "Drive-by" birthday and out in 90 minutes. It was fantastic.

Coops birthday was a SURPRISE! One of her best friends begged me and begged me to have a party for her...I caved and let her best friend, her best friend's sister and T-Rex plan a 60's-themed Surprise party! It was a blast!

And we have real life happening as well....Little buggers got into the fridge while I was busy doing laundry...4 minutes...They're not called Hurricane and Tornado for nothing!

And a few more things...

**T-Rex got her "Letter" in soccer as a freshman! Woot-woot!

And her soccer team one the Score at the Shore soccer tournament. She's a defender and they did not allow ONE goal the entire tournament!

**Coop and Taylor both dyed their hair....dark brown! Yes, my dirty blond girls finally look 100% like their mama! Coop also had opening day for softball and is EXTREMELY excited about getting the season out for this may see them in the World Series this year!

Z-man is gearing up for baseball season...while Shrek is getting his coaching skills oiled up. This is going to be an exciting and interesting season.... ♥ But he's been shooting some hoops up!

Other than was great the past few weeks...I've realized that I have about 2 pictures of my oldest three kids to every 100 pictures of the twins...gotta work on that!

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The Ties that Bind Us said...

Love your pictures!! There is always so much going on around little ones, its almost like you need to hire paparazzi to follow them so you don't miss out on anything, right? Imagine if you actually had pictures of them hauling the fridge contents to that room? HA! That would be a hoot.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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jen@odbt said...

Great parties! My favorite part of the post are the pictures of the twins' aftermath of the fridge. Hilarious. Hard to believe it only took 4 minutes. If only we could harness that energy for cleaning.

Jessica said...

Birthdays can be hectic, exhausting, but SO MUCH FUN and you can create so many memories!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Denise said...

I try to check in once a week on you all I dont know why I cried this week...Probably all the pics of the kids or perhaps because they are getting so stinkin big...I really miss you Tara and wish I had you hear for just a minute to hug on!

heather said...

Its so funny how FAST two year olds can be when they are getting into things!! :)

Happy Birthday's to everyone!

P.S. I got all kinds of compliments on my scrabble pendant yesterday at church. :)

Momma Moe said...

My middle child just turned 2...what a cute age. But then again, they're all cute ages!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Your children are adorable hun. And the pictures are always so beautiful!


Peggy said...

Your twins are 2?!?! WOW! Happy Birthday to twins and coop! GREAT pictures:) Love the one of the fridge mishap! HAHAHA!!
I have way more pics of my twins than I do my older son too:( I decided it must be because he is in school all day. There! That's it!