Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do You Know What's Vanishing From America?

I couldn't believe this list when I saw it...I have to say...the last one on the list made me tear up. I'm so sad...I don't want some of these things to Vanish. There are a few I can do without....but there are many that make my heart break.

Here's a few off the list that caught my attention...they all did, but these stuck out in my mind!
  • Yellow Pages - I can do without!
  • Pit Toilets - Haven't used one in awhile....
  • Ash Trees :O(
  • "The Swimming Hole" have to read the reasons why. It'll piss you off!
  • Hand Written Letters... That's sad! I think we should start a campaign to keep this alive!
  • Wild Horses - That's just not okay...staggering numbers! Beautiful animals!
  • Drive-In Theaters - I think we need more of these...a great place for families to go!
  • Honey Bees!!! WHAT???
This one made me cry....this is one that IS AMERICA! It's who we's what made us what we are!

And # 1 on the list
The Family Farm

Photo by: Tom Graslish, Philadephia Inquirer / MCT


lmerie said...

Wow! The things that our busy lives keep us from noticing!
Thanks for the post on it!

heather said...

Oh, the Honey Bees are dropping numbers all over the world. There's a mysterious virus that is killing them off at a really alarming rate. Science is working really diligently on figuring out why, because obviously -if bees die off, plants don't get pollinated and there goes to world's food supply. One place in Asia has already had to begin hand pollinating their own crops, which takes a lot of man-power to do. Its kinda scary. Discovery did a documentary on it not too long ago.


I'm all about hand letters. I send 'em off every once in awhile just for fun. :) In fact, there is one on its way to you very soon. As soon as I bother to get stamps.

Which might be another thing that is slowly disappearing. ;)

Melissa said...

I wish more people realized what all we are losing. I would so love to see a letter campaign started. We may have to discuss this.

Linda said...

I've been aware of the honey bee crisis for a while. It will be catastrophic if they can't figure it out and reverse the loss. And for the family farm ... this is a huge one for me too. America is really doing itself in on that one. I could preach a sermon on it. But I try to do my part and support local farmers and stay away from big agri and corporate foods.

Thanks for this eye opener.

Trent & Carlie & Co. said...

Hi Tara~ I appreciate your sweet comments! I haven't had a chance to do any of your family yearbook challenges, but I love the idea and hope to get started soon. I love having twins and I am currently trying to write down their "story" before I forget many of the details.

momof3girls said...

It's hard for me to believe that yellow books are disappearing -it seems I have a new book on my porch every other week- ugh! Where to store these books are hard enough and our recycle place only takes them once a year.

But I love handwritten letters and would hate to see them gone - I have a collection of letters and notes that I cherish!