Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meet My Family....The Cast of Kingdom Chaos!

Well, my blogging days started out with a private family blog only and then this one (my baby) came along and I completely abandoned the family blog and immersed myself I decided a few weeks ago I need to combine a little bit of my crazy family AKA "Kingdom Chaos" into this blog. And of course...I totally neglected doing that as well. But thank goodness for second chances...and third chances and...we'll I'm sure I'll need a few more. Needless to say, I'm going to officially introduce my little family to the world. My goal is to have my weekend blog posts be all about us, my family, Kingdom Chaos....

I'm going to tie this in with my Family Yearbook Challenge as well. Then my family, and mother, can see what's going on in our world, 2000 miles away. They can get a peak, I can stay on task with my own challenge and you can find comfort in knowing that your family is very, very, very normal. So it's a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

The King - AKA:Shrek

This is MY man! We've known each other for 25 years and have been in love for a LONG time...

He's my Champion BBQ'r and fried-chicken cooker and a big lover of sports, the outdoors and his family.

The Queen - AKA: Fiona (pre-ogre)

You've been getting to know me pretty well....I'm the one in the middle. ♥

T-Rex - Our oldest & Saving Grace

15 Yrs. about 5'11", Class Clown, Funny-Funny-Funny, Drama Queen, Athlete, spiritual.

Coop - 1st in Command & Future Attorney

13 Yrs. Creative, EXTREMELY smart, Helper, Athlete, Strong-willed, loyal, intense.

Z-man - Everyone's Best Friend

6 Yrs., compassionate, Happy, smiles all the time, loves fishing, friends, video games and sports.

Hurricane - Twin #1 - The Boss

2 Yrs., loves flip-flops & high heels , cookies, mommy, bubbles and speaks her mind...often

Tornado - Twin #2 AKA: Charlie Brown

2 Yrs., loves tackling, wrestling, running, jumping, climbing, and anything that requires the use of a basketball, soccer ball or football.

Welcome to Kingdom Chaos. For those of you who don't know us you can take a peak on the weekends to see how our crazy world rolls and for our dearest can keep an eye on the monsters you've created.

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Jennifer said...

What a beautiful group of children you have there! What a blessing. I look forward to reading more.

pam said...

What a lovely family. Thanks for the peek,and I can't wait for more to come.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Lolli said...

What a fabulous group of kids! They are gorgeous! It's fun to see your crew!

Michele said...

What a gorgeous family. You are so lucky!

Robin said...

You have a beautiful family!

Suzi said...

Those are some great shots of your family. I enjoyed reading your descriptions of them as well.

jen@odbt said...

Great crew. Love the mini bios and pictures. Fun nicknames too.

heather said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family!! Those little twins, I think, just stole my heart!

AND I got your mail yesterday, on a very snowy Valentine's Day!! Thank you! Thank you! :)

Momma Moe said...

New follower here...what a gorgeous family you have! Many congrats of being the mom to such a lovely brood and God bless you all! Can't wait to read more about them all!

Peggy said...

Gorgeous pictures Tara! You have a beautiful family:)

I LOVE your music too... I have never heard this version of 'You Never Let Go' I think it is IPOD worthy.