Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Tradition #42

First off I want to announce the winner of my Scrabble Tile Pendant giveaway from last week's Tuesday Traditions post....the winner was picked using Random.org and picked comment #1! Abby!!!

So I'm not sure if you think this is a tradition or not....but I do. It's a tradition I completely ignored while I was a child...okay teen and into my early adult years. My mother was obsessive compulsive about this "tradition"....I thought it was just lame and complete nonsense...waste of time. Want to know what I'm talking about....

Making the bed. Having a Beautiful bed.

I was thinking about my Tuesday Traditions post last night and I was so out of sorts and tired and complaining...and I found myself gravitating to my bedroom and kept thinking to myself, "Just go make your bed and you'll feel much better." And that's when it came to me...That's a tradition. It's a simple one, but think about it...I know how un-done I feel and the slight agitation that I feel when my bed is all messed up, unmade, blankets twisted, pillows on the floor. And I also know how amazing it feels to walk in and out of my bedroom and see a beautiful, comfy, welcoming bed...

I've tried to teach my kids this "tradition" because I remember the stress of being in high school and tired and overworked, busy...and then coming home to a messy room. It sucked. My daughter was telling me how she really wants to work on keeping her living space clean because she feels so much more productive...hummmmm....and that her bed should be made when she leaves in the morning so she has a place to come home to that's just her own comfortable space.

Oh Sweet Mary...I think I might be making progress as a mother!

So as you can see, making the bed is a tradition. It creates a comfortable, clean, cozy environment. It's yours. It's the once place you can pretty much control. At least in my house it is...My hubby and I have a little rule...last one up makes the bed. ♥ Thank goodness he's a good bed-maker!

PS...this post gives you permission to go purchase the bedding of your choice. Your excuse if you're questioned...."I'm creating new family traditions and a space of comfort and joy." Who could put a price tag on that?

Hugs ♥

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heather said...

Oh, thanks for the permission!! :) I seriously wish I could, because I love bed spreads! I'd have one for every season of the year if I could. :)

And I have to make my bed too. It has to be made before I go to sleep, and I somehow it DOES make me feel better when it's made. A little strange, but true!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

There truly is freedom in discipline, and beauty as well. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Jessica said...

Ugh! I am SO bad at this. And consequently I hate going into my bedroom. It is not the sanctuary that it should be. I have all kinds of excuses... LOL I really need to make this a tradition. I am going to.

Tara, thanks so much for your comment. You are so sweet and said such nice things. You totally changed my stressful morning into something much better. Thanks!!!


Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage said...

Great topic :o) I used to try very hard to get up before my DH, because then HE had to make the bed ... some nonsense about the last person up being the responsible party. I've had a gorgeous new comforter set sitting in the package for 2+ years now, waiting for me to paint the room before I put it on the bed. How dumb is that?

visiting from SITS

pam said...

A made bed does straighten a bedroom.

Snake River Stories said...

I fully embrace this one! Our lives have been somewhat out of control due to wacky health issues for going on two years now, but I swore my bed would remain made and my room would remain a sanctuary.

Coming home to beauty and order after a crazy day of doctors and hospitals is like coming home to a warm hug. I take a deep breath as I step over the threshold towards my beautiful bed and for the moment, all is well.

Debbie said...

I love a nice bed! Now, I wish someone else would make it:)