Friday, February 13, 2009

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #28 ♥ Spend Your $ Wisely

I can come up w/ reasons every week why I'm an "Ex-scrapbooker"....this one is really good! Spend less on scrappy and put it towards this....

I've been introduced to an adorable, brilliant, east-to-follow, exciting "thing"....

I've had lots of anxiety lately about not having enough food storage, being prepared, being self reliant, frugal and independent. I have NO reason to not be prepared! I want to be, but for the last few years it's been really weighing on me and knowing that we have 7 mouths to feed is an added stress. If we were to have a disaster, job loss, or tragedy, we couldn't take care of ourselves. At least not with food, emergency necessities, etc.. We've been blessed to put a little money away, but gees...right now, is money really worth anything...and if you can't get to it does it really matter? So the past few months, in my search for personal PEACE, becoming all those things listed above as been a top priority. One of my bestest friends shared with me this amazing blog and "sister" blogs that work together to make preparedness COOL!

The Fun With Food Storage Network!

Jodi and Julie help you plan it.

Shauntell helps you buy it.

Chrystal helps you eat it.

These girls are so organized and filled with TONS of information. I could spend hours in there...just like I do at Etsy! So much to learn...and I made a comment the other day that if my family of 7 were to come at you for your last bucket of could be scary.

I don't want to have to raid my neighbors in a time of need...and I'm too proud to ask for help. And I would hope to be in a position to help others. So there...

Plus it's a good way to teach my children about what's important. They need to learn the importance of being self reliant in a world that encourages material things, debt, and over indulgence. I can't control what's going on outside the four walls of my house...oh, how I wish i could...yes, I'm a control freak....but I can control what goes on in my house.

So Go check out these awesome girls and see what they have to'll love them!

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C Mommy said...

I knew you'd love it!!! There is so much to learn so we can take care of our families and not have that terrible feeling of being helpless!

Jodi @ Food Storage Made Easy said...

Once you really start getting into food storage you'll actually find that it SAVES you tons of money too! For example, tonight for dinner we had homemade rolls made of wheat (WAY cheaper than frozen rolls). And I made potato soup and instead of making the initial cream sauce out of butter and white flour I used BEAN flour and the potato water. Seriously! It was amazing, cheap, healthy, the works. I love learning about this stuff.