Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #28

When I was in grade school every day at lunch I would open my lunch box and find a "love note" from my mom. I remember vividly the smile it would put on my face. It was exciting to find a sweet little note every day from my mom. EVERY SINGLE DAY from kindergarten to 6th grade my mom would write a simple note written with a black Sharpie on my napkin.

Middle school (we called it Jr. High) came and my mom had to go back to work so I had to start making my own lunches and the notes for the most part stopped. She'd still sneak in one here and there, but it wasn't the same as grade school. I've made sure that I carried on this simple tradition with my kids. Since my ninth grader started kindergarten she got letters on her napkins and the tradition carried on down the line to her sister. Those two are "all grown up" and are in high school and middle school and so buying lunch is the cool thing to do now. So my little notes are not as often as I wish, but I still sneak one or two in their backpacks, pencil pouches or folders.

Well, my son has started kindergarten and the tradition begins again. Monday was his first day of school and I could see a little anxiety as he boarded the bus for the very first time. He had "the look", but I knew he'd be okay. I was certain he'd be well taken care of, make some new friends, color a picture or two and probably play on the playground a few times. When I went to meet him at the bus stop to pick him up he was smiling and happy and so excited to tell me about his day. I asked him, "So what was your favorite part about your first day of kindergarten?" And you know what he said, "Your note you wrote on my napkin." AHHH! I actually forgot I had done that, but my heart melted when he said that to me.

He said he couldn't read it so he asked the teacher to read it to him. He grabbed my hand as we started for home and said, "I love you too mommy, just like the note." I asked him about anything else that happened during his day and he proceed to tell me that he was a little shy, but had lots of fun on the playground, of course. It seemed after lunch his day started to get better and better and I guess I'd like to hope that my little "love note" helped him along his way.

Lunch boxes are the perfect place to remind our kiddos that we're thinking about them, rooting for them and always there for them. Here are some simple ideas for lunch box surprises!

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