Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Goal!

We're down to hours until school starts! Schedules and organization will once again thrive within the walls of my home....well, sort of. My version of schedules and organization are probably slightly different than the average mom. But hey, a little crazy is good, right?

During summertime we always get away from our weekly family time. You'd think with no sports and commitments we'd stay on track and be diligent about our weekly family night. But nope, total chaos takes over and I don't think all 7 of us have been home at the same time for over a month!! So as a family we're setting ONE goal! To make sure we continue our tradition of setting Sunday night aside for just us! Nothing else, but the 7 of us gathered around for some good company, fun activities, & yummy treats. We also use our Sunday nights to update our weekly family schedule....who has what practice at what time, who's driving, what's for dinner. Pretty much the who, what, when, where, whys and hows of the week. With 7 of us on different schedules we have to have some sort of plan.

So this is our family's highest priority/goal, get back on our Sunday night family! I'd love to hear what your family's goal or goals are for the new school year. Do share! We can all use good ideas, better organization tips and it's fun to see other families that are crazy like mine!

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