Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cherish Bound National Convention Has Arrived!

Well, I'm heading out tomorrow morning for 5 days! Cherish Bound's annual convention has finally arrived and I'm so ready for it. I'm 100% exhausted and can't believe I actually got myself packed and ready to go before midnight. I even got my five kids and and hubby all situated and ready for the rest of the week. I'm a lucky girl...my husband rocks! He's attempting to work at home with 18-month-old twins, 3 kids in school on different bus schedules, soccer and softball practices and even 2 soccer tournaments in Orlando over the weekend! Please pray for my family...that daddy survives this week!

I can't wait to report back on Monday about all the amazing announcements, new books and products that will be released and hopefully some great contests so you can win some free Cherish Bound goodies!

Here are some links to the great festival we'll be attending during our convention.

Mt. Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

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