Friday, August 8, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #20

I've had lots of emails and interest from many of you wondering how writing our family's stories and publishing them in Cherish Bound books can be a "group" effort or done with friends. Some of you come from the "crop night" world, and look forward to getting together with your friends to do some memory keeping. It becomes a monthly ritual and there is NO WAY you're going to miss it...not for anything! I was once a regular attendee of monthly crop nights. I enjoyed getting together with my friends, meeting new people and I really enjoyed the adult conversation.....and I loved getting something done! I really hope that the general scrapper population gets more done than I did at crop nights. It took me an hour just to unload and get situated, another to catch up on the latest gossip, and then I'd get about 2 or 3 spreads done in a six hour span....yippee!

Even though I've changed my "memory keeping ways" I still love an excuse to get together with friends that want to preserving our family's memories and stories. Story and Technology Workshops are now replacing the "crop night". As a Cherish Bound consultant, I hold monthly and sometimes bi-monthly Story workshops and Technology workshops. These workshops provide a quiet place for my friends and customers to come and work, chat, eat and get things done!

My Story Workshops are usually theme-based so everyone is working on the same story theme. I can usually get people through an ENTIRE STORY in less than 2 hours....usually an hour and a half. By using the Story Starters, sharing and pairing their stories, writing within time limits, everyone leaves with their story done and organized. It leaves plenty of time for chatting, eating and enjoy our friendship. The best part is they come and accomplish a task, they're leave knowing they can return again the next month and continue building their family's library.

Technology workshops are done with laptops and computers. Everyone learns how to use Cherish Bound's online publishing center for creating and publishing books. We also go over basic scanning, editing and photo tips. It's fun to see how everyone catches on so quickly and how creative people are! I love seeing custom designed pages from the pros and simple, beautiful photography from the rookies.

I'm hoping to start some online workshops for those of you in far off remote places with no consultants to hold workshops. It would be a fantastic way to help you get your stories organized and ready for publishing!

Table Decor from my Best Friends Workshop!

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