Monday, August 11, 2008

Tell Your Baby's Stories...From the First Kick to the First Steps

Being pregnant and giving birth to each one of my children is among the happiest days of my life. The stories, memories and emotion are placed deeply in my heart. As mothers, we are the ONLY ones on this planet that can tell our children's story. We are the ones that can tell our children how it all began.

Cherish Bound's Birth to 18 Months Story Starter can help every mother and father tell their stories and share their memories about the memorable days of our new babies. With the help of this story starter you can write your child's story in less than 2 hours whether they're 6 months old or 16 years old. The Birth to 18 Months Story Starter is tool used to help you write this story. It is filled with TONS of questions, story prompts and ideas in chronological order to help you organize, write and remember the story.

Everyone loves to tell their story, but everyone loves to hear their story too. Tell the stories that changed your life and brought ultimate joy...tell them to your little ones. Keeping it simple and beautiful is the goal. You have everything you need to tell this's inside of you.

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