Friday, August 1, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #19

What weighs 40 lbs?
A 4 yr. old child? No. A dog? Nope. Hum....A very large bag of flour? Hu-huh.

Answer! 8 Scrapbooks!!!!!!!!! (Not very pretty either)
*Exhibit A* more for you?

What weighs 6 lbs?

A new baby? I wish my weighed that small! A 6-pack of Diet Coke? Yum...but no. A bag of clothes from the mall? Come bags weigh more than that!

8 Cherish Bound books, published, hardbound and BEAUTIFUL!
*Exhibit B*

So what's my point? Um....yeah, if there's a fire you can actually grab your kids and your memory/story/photo books if they're done this way. Actually, I take that can let your books burn. Yeah, because if they're done with Cherish Bound they're archived FOREVER! So let 'em, burn. You can get more copies. Grab the kids, the animals....oh, yeah, wake up your husband, and get out!

And one more thing....what would you rather see on the book shelf in your family room or the coffee table in your living room????? Probably not Exhibit A. Well, at least not my "Scrapbooks"...I'm embarrassed. I can't believe I just showed that picture of my scraps! Go ahead, cringe. It's okay...I know, my S-books are ugly. But come on! Look at my new books! You gotta love those. Let me know when you're ready to save your family in the fire! (wink-wink)

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SassyPixie said...

LOL! I'm towards the end of the 3rd
one now! I got my copy this morning. My husband used to be the manager at the Albertson's(grocery store) up the road so I asked the receiver to hold a copy for me. Then I picked up my mom from the airport later this morning and passed by Borders in the airport! They must have had 500 copies!!! Ha Ha! My friends were at Borders until midnight last night!!!
Thanks for sending me a comment!!!