Monday, August 18, 2008

Making the Most of Fay

Well, so much for my exciting week of schedule and back to school! Miss Fay has thrown that right out the door. One day of school down and now this wet and windy storm has forced me sweet children home for ONE MORE DAY! Yes, I'm smiling........

I've been thinking about what we'll do if the seven of us are stuck in this house with no electricity, no air conditioner and limited use of all our luxuries. At first a small panic attack started to settle in, but then I realized I can make this a total nightmare or have some fun with it! Yes, we get another 36 hours of bonding!

We went and did a last minute grocery run to make sure we have all the necessities to survive a less-than-36-hour lock down. Grabbed a 10 pound bag of chocolate chips, 2 cases of soda, a few bags of chips and popped pop corn, and a few other yummy treats. We baked some cookies when we got home, charged all the portable DVD batteries and we're having a PAR-TAYYY! We're definitely going to be making some memories in this house. Fay might cause a ruckus outside, but inside it's even crazier at our house! We've got all the games out and treats and we're ready to make some memories.

For some CRAZY-STRANGE reason, I feel blessed to spend time with my family, but I feel even more blessed because this "hurricane" could be much worse. I started thinking about Katrina and other horrible hurricanes that have ripped through the south and I've gained a better appreciation for the blessings that I have and the safety that I feel. This could have been so much worse. So what!....we have to sit and play games and eat junk food for 24 hours. Woopy! I'm just grateful we're in our home, with each other, safe and sound.

See y'all later! It's time to have some Family Fun! A new family tradition in the making....

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