Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Autumn!

It has finally arrived...yes, the much anticipated beautiful season of Autumn. However, as I look out my window I can tell it's going to be another warm, humid, sticky day here in Florida. Boo-hoo....I'm such a "Seasons" girl!

I love the changing of leaves, the clean crisp air and the hype of the holidays. Since I can't go out and spray paint all the leaves in my yard I'm going to have to set the "Autumn bomb" off in my house and on my porch. Yes, the "Autumn Bomb"....

January to September my house looks normal. Typical. But come the first day of Autumn, WATCH OUT! It's time to haul out the plastic bins, hay stacks from the attic, scarecrows on sticks and get this house festive!! (I must find everything first....we moved over the summer)

Jen over at 100 Days to Christmas has a fabulous challenge going on that started last week. She's helping us stay on course and organized so that the holidays will be enjoyable and successful. Yesterday's challenge was to get out the Fall/Autumn decor. It's time to Prepare the Home For Fall. Today's tip, Falling for the Fall! She offers the advice of Creating a Memory! Ahh...right up my alley Jen! So those of you who need some ideas she has a great list called "Favorite Fall Things To Do" at her other blog List Mama Blog. (One of my most favorites)

Cherish Bound offers a great Story Starter from the Seasons and Holiday Collection called "Fall". This Story Starter will help you and your family find, capture, and share the beautiful memories of Fall. With Jen's ideas and lists of things to do and a Fall Story Starter from Cherish Bound you will have plenty of Autumn traditions that you can start up within your own family. Embrace this time of year. It's truly a season that leaves behind some of the most precious memories we have as children and adults. Enjoy this beautiful day and celebrate the season of Autumn!


heather said...

I LOVE FALL!! Only, being from Arizona, I've never actually seen one. So this fall is a first for me -I am liking it so far, but am quickly realizing that I'm going to have to go drop some serious money on warmer clothing, considering I have one sweater jacket, and two sweaters. :)

HDMac said...

Fall is my favorite season. The crispness in the air, the colors... around Washington it is a little bit more gray and rainy, but still most beautiful!