Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #16

My mom started this family tradition a few grandkids back...

There is nothing we can do about picking which family "genes" our children inherit. Some we hope and pray are passed on and others we beg that they skip a few generations. No matter what, we can't do anything about it. We always crack jokes about our crazy family and what we're passing along to the generations of children. So my mom decided she was going to create her own passing of the "jeans".

Each time a grandkid is born she makes them a crib size quilt to match their decor, but she uses our entire family's "jeans" to create the patchwork. She has gathered jeans from all sorts of people in our family and cuts squares out of their pants and uses the denim squares to create her Family Jean quilt. They're adorable, cozy and warm, but most of all she's passing a long a little piece of history, love, and style to each new member of our family.

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