Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Photo Book Ideas!

I love making Cherish Bound books with lots of story and text, but sometimes I love to just make a book with lots of fun pictures. There are so many photo book ideas that Cherish Bound's almost overwhelming. They're cute, fast, fun and everyone loves them. Here are some of the books and ideas that I have done with great success.

1. All The People Who Love Me - I made this book for my 1 year old twins. We don't live by our extended family and they only get to see them once in a while. I want them to know who their grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and cousins are. So I made a photo book with all of their family members pictures. The only text I put in the photo was the name of the family member. They love looking at this cute little 5x7 book with all these bright and beautiful pictures.

2. Baby Faces - Another one for my twins are just a bit restless in church and I was running out of creative ways to keep them quiet. I had a cute book when my oldest was little that had lots of pictures of babies and their cute little faces. So I took all kinds of my baby's pictures and loaded them into the photo book full-bleed and dropped them into the templates. Page after page has their cute little mugs all over it. They each have their own copy and they LOVE them!

3. Children's Art Work - I had tubs of pre-school and kindergarten art work that sat in big plastic tubs in a dark ugly garage. I can't stand the thought of throwing away those precious paper plate snowmen and noodle art pages. Here's an easy project. Scan all of the art that you want to remember and have forever. Load each of those art pages into a photo book where they will be preserved forever and "SEEN"! Yes, you and our child can actually enjoy those cute little stick figures. Why keep all those piles of papers if no one can enjoy them? Do something with them and relieve yourself of unwanted clutter!

4. A-Z/All About Me - Another fun photo book to do with your child is have them get involved with some picture sorting. Have them pick out pictures from A-Z. These pictures can be all about them or their family or maybe favorite hobbies. Whatever they want, let them pick out 26 pictures that represent each letter of the alphabet. Each page will get a letter (a-z) and the coordinating picture. These make fun photo books for little ones and they get to help make it too.

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