Saturday, May 10, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #12

It's in the numbers people! I sat down with my calculator and figured it out...

I got out my Family Album (THE LAST ONE I EVER DID) and I started adding the numbers.

Album: $55
Extra pages: $27
Page protectors: $30
Paper, Embellishments: $100
2 new handy tools $20
Photo printing (store), photo paper, ink (self printing): $75
Misc. Necessary Scrapbooking items: $20
TOTAL $327

Time to make scrapbook:
3 crop nights @ 6hrs. a piece: 18 hours
4 nights at home ave. 5 hours: 20 hours
Few misc. hours here/there: 3 hours

Total hours approx.: 41 hours

(Which doesn't count CLEAN-UP....worst part!)

Oh-my-goodness! 41 hours! That's almost 2 days of my life! And $327! Are you kidding? And if you read any of my previous post you'll know that this scrapbook has been sitting in a closet where no one can touch it!

So here's another simple math problem:

I took the same scrapbook, but made it into a Cherish Bound Story/Photo book.

Cost for 50 color pages 8.5x11=$79 retail (I get a juicy discount because I'm a consultant yeah!)
Time: 5.5 Hours! THAT'S IT! (includes ripping...I mean, taking scrapbook apart (kind of fun), scanning documents that were not digital, writing stories that never made it into the scrapbook, designing, creating, editing, loading....)


$327 and 41 hours vs. $79 and 5.5 hours
I don't know....let me think...

That's a savings of $248 and 35.5 hours of my LIFE!

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