Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #15

Here's a "tradition" that is beautiful, adds to your home's decor, and is guilty of starting lots of fun family storytelling.

In our home we started a "WALL" of pictures. Actually, 2 walls and room of pictures. The first wall is a very organized squared wall of photos in our entry way. All 10x13 matted frames with closeup color pictures. They are hung straight and even with each other in a grid. This wall is extremely hard for visitors to pass by without stopping and staring...and of course some stories are shared.

If we make it past that wall there is another wall in our family room. This wall has black and white pictures all over it. The frames are all different sizes and shapes, but they are all black. They are hung in a "puzzle" and fit together all over this large wall. These photos are mostly from big events, vacations, special occasions....they are beautiful snapshots of specific memories in the making. Most people can look at a specific photo and know there is so much more to be told.

Our last wall or "room" of photos is in our game room. We are a big time sports family. My husband and I both played every sport, our kids play, we watch sports, we LOVE sports! We were stumped on how to decorate this fun room for over a year. We wanted a sports theme, but didn't want cheesy professional athletes pasted all over our walls either. So we decided to put all of our sports photos up! We blew up all of our sports photos in large poster sizes, some black and white and some color. Each person in our family got 1 large poster, 2 10x13's and 1 8x10. We picked our favorite action shots and sports moments and framed them. You want stories....you go in this room and it's all about stories. Mostly true stories, some exaggerated versions, but the best part about this room is listening to my children talk about what they dream of becoming. These pictures are great reminders for them....they remind them of how amazing they are and give them the confidence to become something big!

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Mom2my9 said...

Hi Tara! This is a wonderful idea! We just finished building our home here in Mexico and we have TONS of empty wall space. I love all three of these ideas, but we are a music family. Any ideas what types of pictures we can put in the kids game rooms? I want to do the same thing you did with your "puzzle" wall, but use old rustic photos frames, as our home is rustic Mexicana. I also love the square grid idea. We have a formal room where that would work well. Thanks again for this post and I hope to see you again next Monday!