Saturday, May 31, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #14

It's move time again....AH! Last one for a very, very, very long time. I hate moving! Enough is enough! So I'll be hit and miss on my blog for a few days....

Moving reminds me of how there are so many beginnings and endings and re-starts in life. As much as I hate to move I have to say we have some amazing stories that kind of put our life into chapters with the adventure of each new move. (No we're not military...just crazy corporate life) The stories that are being made and memories that are created make us who we are as a family. I guess instead of fighting it I need to roll with it.

It's funny how in casual conversation you tend to get into conversations of "where are you from" or "so what brought you here"....and I can't tell that story without starting WAY back to the very first one 14 years ago...actually it started before that. (I'll just say 4th grade) It used to be such a short story to tell...One kid, married, moved away to try it on our it's well, we have 5 kids, just had 2 surprise twins after we moved across the country from Southern California, but we're really not from Southern....etc. Those that listen long enough get an idea of "where we're from" and "who we are".

I guess this is the last story to be made through moves....I'm totally fine with that. But what I need to remember to do is write these stories down, put these memories into chapters, and let my family be apart of this process. We have so many stories that have molded us as a family, but also individually...we have so many friends that we've made along the way scattered across the kids have all been born in different parts of the country...we are who we are because we were "blessed" to have these moves. (okay, blessed is a little hard to write, but it's true)

I'm actually excited to write this story with my family. It should be interesting to see everyone's view of the world at these different times....I'll let you know how it turns out. Off to pack ANOTHER box!

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