Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yep, It's a Contest! What Story Would You Tell....For Free?

I have 1000's of stories always running circles in my head. At night I go to bed thinking about the next story I want to share with my family. I'm full of stories, JUST LIKE YOU! But I'm actually telling mine...are you? Would you like to get started? Yes! Great! Then here's how you can win $29 in Publishing to start your first Cherish Bound book or your second...third...maybe even your fourth!

Leave a comment and tell me what story you would tell if you could publish a book through Cherish Bound. Who would it be about? Why do you want to share it? Any photos, memorabilia, letters, etc. that you would want to include? You have until Sunday, Aug. 10 to leave your comments and then my 5-year-old son will pick a winner by random draw! Let's hear 'em!


Kelly said...

Oh, I know EXACTLY what I would do!!! My first grandbaby.... my granddaughter... will have her first birthday soon! I've been thinking about what I would like to give her, and I think that a memento would be the best... I would love to tell the story of "her". From the moment her mommy and daddy told us we'd be grandparents, to the day she was born, to her birthday. She (and her mommy and daddy) live just 3 miles down the road, so we are blessed to see her often and take a lot of photos! So, of course, photos would be a major element, but so would just telling my granddaughter what a blessing she has been to us! She came at a difficult time in our lives and she has been the bright spot. I never thought I could love anyone as much as my own kids... but turns out, you love grandbabies as much as your own children.

casual friday everyday said...

I would tell my pregnancy stories with my two previous and this current one I'm pregnant with. I have belly shots galore!

casual friday everyday said... is my addy.

Rachelle said...

I would love to tell the story of building our home. All of the hard work and love that went in to creating a place that we can learn and grow and make memories together.