Friday, July 18, 2008

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker #17

If someone would have challenged me to "Scrap" 7 scrapbooks with photos, stories and all the cute stuff in a 7 month period (back in my scrapping days) I probably would have gotten "7 pages" done....TOTAL! For one, I took too long because I used too many embellishments and I'm a perfectionist. Two, I'm too busy. I can't sit and work on a scrapbook, clean it up, get it back out....and so on and so on. And Three, I'm extremely competitive and I would have NEVER even take the challenge....don't like setting myself up for failure.

Well, Cherish Bound challenged it's consultants to join the "Story Club". In order to be apart of the "Club" and receive a GRAND PRIZE at convention we have publish 7 small 5x7 Story Books by the time convention rolls around at the end of August. Each book "theme" had to come from one of eight different Story Starter collections. Guess what? I did it....okay, I'm almost done. I have 2 more to go!

The eight Story Starter Collections are Love Collection, Family Collection, Legacy Collection, Giggles & Giddy-up Collection, Butterfly Collection, School Collection, Holiday Collection, and Early Childhood Collection.

So far I've completed and received my wedding book coming from the Love Collection. My son's Preschool book coming from the Early Childhood Collection as well as his T-Ball book from the School Collection. And my most recent arrival was the Christmas Traditions book we did as a family from the Holiday Collection. I just completed a 2007 Family Yearbook book from the Family Collection and I'm currently working on a Hero's book from our Legacy Collection. (Can't say who that's for....secret!) The final and 7th book will be a children's book from the Giggles & Giddy-up Collection.

I loved this challenge for many reason. I'm been able to complete some fairly large memory keeping moments that have been weighing on me. I've also experienced first hand how easy it is to complete simple story/photo books. It doesn't have to be big 100 page life story books. Everyone can simply tell their stories in small "chapters" and create a beautiful collection of books.

As soon as I get my entire collection and my "Grand Prize" I'll be sure to post a picture of my newest library!

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Audrey said...

I love to scrapbook. None of my albums are ever done. I'm always going back, adding pages, adding embellishment etc.

My daughter and I love spending an evening working on just one page. It's just fun time together.