Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #23

What are your family traditions?

I'd love to hear what kind of traditions you celebrate and practice in your homes. I always love listening to other's ideas and stories and I'm sure you all have some amazing traditions to share!

Share them in the comment section and feel free to leave your website, blogs, etc. I want to fill up this posts with 100's of tradition ideas!
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Okay....let's hear 'em! Who's first?


Laurie said...

We have a "different" family tradition! My hubby loves sports, so every year when the NCAA Basketball Championship Season rolls around, and everyone does brackets, we do too. But, with a twist!

Everyone has a big bracket sheet to fill out, we each pick who we think the winners of the games will be. The one with the most points at the end of the tournament wins!

The winner gets to pick dinner out for the whole family! So everyone really has fun with it! And I don't have to cook! So it works!

Laurie Cusick, Tupperware Manager

Tara said...

That is SOOOOO up our alley too! See, we love sports, and we do that same thing every year, but you just reminded me that that is a great Family Tradition!!! Thanks for sharing!! Love it!!!

chrisg03 said...

Our "family tradition" is for the kids birthday they get to pick what we do for the WHOLE day. There birthdays are all very close from July-Sept. Then we get together with the extended family and celebrate all there birthdays at one time.

Chris Griesbach

Pam said...

Every year in October, my son and I 'tag' our christmas tree and two weeks before Christmas, we go and pick it up. Ironically, every year we've gone to pick up the tree, it's been on a snowing blizzard type night. Imagine trying to get a 6 foot tree from the trunk of Chevy Cavalier into the house. Much Fun!!!

Lisa Pallardy - said...

My children eat ice cream for breakfast on their birthday! It came about when one of them asked one morning for ice cream for breakfast, and I remarked, "What do you think it is, your birthday?" Since then, the birthday boy/girl gets a big bowl of ice cream to start the day!

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Tara said...

Wow...lots of amazing ideas for family traditions! I'm getting lots of emails too....please post them in here....I want everyone to see what amazing families you're raising! Very inspiring!! Thank you!

Jan Ward said...

Our little family tradition occurs every night before bedtime. When I was growing up, my parents sang a special song before bed & now we sing it to our children. We changed the names in the song, but the song is pretty much still the same. It's very simple and we basically just thank God for the things around us and for each other. It's something that was always special to me & I hope that my children feel the same way and eventually pass it on to their children.

Jan :)
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listplanit said...

Gosh, I have a few that come to mind. I LOVE creating family traditions, probably because I love routines. The first one that comes to mind is our Sunday morning breakfasts. I have for a few years made a special breakfast on Sunday morning. It is always a comfort food of some sort and it is almost always sweet: baked oatmeal, german pancake, baked french toast, bubble bread. It is always something that I can start on Saturday night and usually just needs to bake on Sunday morning.


Eric & Amy said...

My family loves traditions. Most of the ones my little family has are ones I stole from my own mother. I loved all the fun things we did growing up (most of these happen around Christmas)...

* Every Christmas growing up my parents would always give my siblings and I our own ornament that represented something special about that year. That way when we grew up and moved out of the house, we'd have ornaments to decorate our own trees with. That is a tradition I am passing on to my children as well so we can create the memories and they can have a full tree their first year on their own as well.

* My siblings and I created a family memory book, and each year we write one special memory we shared either during the year or something special from our youth and add it to the book. It's a great way to create our family history and 20 years from now, we'll have quite the book.

*Every year we write a Christmas newsletter instead of Christmas cards. We talk about the fun things we did throughout the year and milestones of our children. Not only is it a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but we keep a copy of the letter for our children's scrapbooks as well to help with family history.

* We make toffee every year and give it out to our neighbors and friends.

* We have a Christmas devotional on Christmas Eve and share thoughts about our Savior's birth.

* We open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve....growing up it was always PJs.

* Our birthdays were big growing up. My mother had what we called the "blue plate special". On our birthdays we got to eat off this special blue plate, bowl and cup.

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Anonymous said...

I think that this one has given me more joy than anyother. My aunt started many years ago, when she would have family over or family would come from out of town and she would entertain, there is a special table cloth that she would use. We have all signed it over the years. I didn't realize how much it meant to me until we were in AZ and I saw both my parents signatures, my three uncles and one aunt, all that have passed on. Looking at those signatures gave me such a warm special feeling inside....


Anonymous said...

My family and I are Christians of African descent, each morning before we leave to go our separate ways we hold hands and say our prayers. (Our children are ages 3 and 7)

Each evening we have dinner together, with our two kids getting their plates first and then we sit and eat together.


Tara said...

Can I just say that you all are amazing? Thank for telling us about your traditions....keep em' coming!

Anonymous said...

Every summer our family goes to the beach for a week. This has been going on since before I could walk. Today, we have 21 cousins that get together about 45 mins away from our house at the beach and take over the place (5 condos). The 13 kids range from age 4-13 and they all take care of each other in regards to entertainment. It is their favorite getaway and they are able to be kids and do what they like to do.

Every Christmas Eve, same cousins get together and feast upon Cuban food like pork, black beans, yellow rice, plantains and Cuban bread. Then somehow Santa always makes an appearance with gifts. It is always so special when each child gets a gift or several directly from Santa. The adults get a little carried away with the pictures and sitting on Santa’s lap but it is a good time and the kids always look forward to seeing Santa. In addition, Family announcements have been made, we have had engagements and pregnancy announcements. The most special part of this is that all that come out are not necessarily related, ex husbands, ex wifes, in-laws, step families, friends of families, Parents and children of friends etc.. Everyone is always welcome and usually equates to 50+.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I keep a kid's mini chalkboard (pardon me) on the back of the toilet top (LOL) and we write back and forth to each other every day. We have been doing it since we got married 5 years ago. It was given to us as part of a wedding gift as kind of a "gag gift" sorta thing. But we really like it. Sometimes the messages can be as simple as "buy milk on the way home today" or "okay, you win". Most of the time they are "sexy" messages though! It keeps the flame burning, LOL!


Rachelle said...

We have lot of traditions surrounding holidays especially Christmas, but a few others come to mind:
Jerusalem Dinner: we invite our extended family over on the Monday evening before Easter for dinner. We encourage them to come in robes. We eat on the floor, propped on pillows, around rugs by small oil lamplight. We eat somewhat authentic food, drink grape juice, and follow it up with a video about the Savior.
Cleaning out the Garden: It’s our own version of a harvest festival. In the fall we collect all the pumpkins and mini jack-o-lanterns, banana squash, etc. by passing them along bucket brigade style into storage. Then all the plants are removed and the garden is plowed and tilled. We celebrate with dinner-in-a-pumpkin
New Years Eve: We celebrate WITH the kids. Somewhere between Christmas and New Years, the ornaments are removed from the tree, but rather than put it away, we redecorate it with hats, noisemakers, streamers, and balloons—with cash in them. Right before midnight we put on the hats, collect the noisemakers, and at the stroke of midnight (OK, it used to be 10 pm when the kids were small, but now they know the difference) we all pop the one balloon we chose. Someone gets $10, a couple get $5, but most of us get $1.