Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #24

I've mentioned in other posts about our family spending one evening per week together. We usually find time Sunday evening because weeknights are just crazy for us. With so many other commitments it's hard to get all 7 of us at home at the same time. So Sunday evenings are set aside just for us.

We did a fun activity a few weeks back that not only was good quality time, but also helped us keep our tradition of preserving our memories and stories in a forward motion. We all love memory keeping and of course, we do all of our stories and books with Cherish Bound. The finished product is extremely exciting to get and we love seeing all of our family's books on the shelf, but it's the process of putting these books together that is becoming a great family tradition.

We used Cherish Bound's Christmas Story Starter and answered various questions...favorite traditions, favorite gifts, memories, stories, people, etc. Each of us took the time to answer the questions and of course it brought up lots of memories for all of us. We all remembered different stories and each of us had stimulated each other's memories. We talked about family we hadn't seen in quite some time and people that we missed. Some of the youngest can't write very well yet, so they drew pictures and interpreted them for us.

We sat there and talked for a few hours. Talking as a family and having good conversation is scarce now a days, but we make it a point to spend time together, quality time! Those few hours a week are what keep our family tight and help our kids remember that we're on their side they do have people who love and support them.

After we were done we gathered just a few pictures to go in our book and we published it that night! This past week we got our book in the mail and it was so exciting to sit down and look at our great work, but also to read the stories over and over and over again!

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