Thursday, June 12, 2008

My New Favorite Book

I posted a few times about the photo/memory book I was making for my 14-year-old daughter that was moving on from middle school to high school. You catch up on those post by clicking here and here

Well, I got the book back and gave it to her.....and it's now my new favorite book. Not only does it look awesome, but the pictures, letters and words of wisdom from her family and teachers are so encouraging and motivating. I've seen her many times lying on her bed flipping through the pages and reading the letters that were written just for her.

So here are some pictures of the book...

I did the cover with digital scrapbooking downloads from Shabby Princess
I created the cover with the "Express Yourself" Collection
I loaded the entire page as an 8.5x11 portrait size into the Cherish Bound full-bleed template.

I then added pictures and text using the Cherish Bound templates. Cherish Bound has beautiful background pages and colors already available, so I thought I'd save myself hours of time and stress and just use the templates and colors provided. They matched PERFECTLY with the cover colors too. I used the background called persimmon. This page background is gorgeous. It has very faint paisley pattern running across the bottom of each's just plain pretty!

I did an A-Z of "Surviving Middle School". The book was 69 pages, which covered 3 years of stories and memories from school events, sports, holidays and even the new arrival of our twins.


Eric & Amy said...

It's beautiful! I LOVE the cover! I bet your daughter will cherish that book forever.

C Mommy said...

It looks amazing! You did a great job again... not just a treasure for T but a treasure for you all! :)

From Dawn Till Rusk said...

How on earth do you find the time? I mean really, this is gorgeous. It would take me YEARS to come up with something like that.

Tara said...

from dawn till rusk...I have to tell you, it only took me about 2 days of prep and a few hours to upload. I'm serious! It takes days or hours...not years :O)

Barbara said...

Gorgeous cover and a beautiful book, what a treasure for her to have! I am planning a kindergarten book for my soon when he's done in June.