Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tradition #19

I'm editing this post! :O) I was brought to light on a few things that I didn't know about...."Anonymous" nicely shared their advice and opinions....

We're a big family and we just moved so we won't be venturing out on too many trips this summer, but I know a lot of you are traveling and will go to some AMAZING places. Don't forget to take LOTS of pictures and of course write your stories (Check out the Vacation Dailies) But here is an idea for those of you who LOVE pictures and capturing your memories is picture form.
Some of you take amazing pictures and some of us have some trouble....trouble capturing the perfect scenic shot. I can snap away shots of my kids, but I've got problems when it comes to capturing great scenic shots of landmarks and beautiful places. I can't seem to get the right shots, right light, too far away.....bla, bla, bla. So if you're like me you want those beautiful pictures, but they're just not worthy of any photo/story or scrapbook.

So maybe you can go to the local drug store or souvenir shop and buy some of the post cards. Post cards always have perfect pictures of the important places that you may have visited on your trip. Quit banging your head up against the wall frustrated that you couldn't get the right shot....Go get the post cards. BUT FIRST YOU MUST GET PERMISSION FROM THE PUBLISHER! THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED. PLEASE DO NOT SCAN AND USE ANY POSTCARDS UNTIL YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION!!!*** After you've been given permission you can use them as perfect scenic shots of your vacation....no one will ever know that you didn't take those pictures and your vacation memories will look gorgeous!

And to add a little more fun family tradition to it, have everyone write on the back of the post cards their version of the stories and memories of visiting the landmark, beach, person, etc. Get the memories in writing while you're IN THE MOMENT! Time changes the little details of the memory and emotion, so capture right away...don't wait!

After having this bit of copyright information pointed out to me, this idea now seems way too time consuming...forget all that work. Figure out how to take the pictures....and just for the record, I AM NOT ENCOURAGING ANYONE TO IGNORE COPYRIGHT! :O)


Anonymous said...

Except that it's a copyright violation! I am disappointed that you are encouraging your customers to ignore copyright--near the end of the book submission process you are required to state that the images are yours and you have the right to reproduce them. Buying a postcard doesn't give you that right.

Tara said...

Thanks for pointing that out...it's too bad you had to be so rude about it because honestly, that's one of those things that never, ever passed through my mind.

Never even had the slightest idea that there was copyright on a post card. Hummm...where I have been?

"Anonymous", next time be brave and leave your name. You're offering great advice and I completely passed on an idea that I thought was pretty good...obviously it's not. I was taught that little piece of advice by one my friends that was a CM consultant a few years ago. You're obviously familiar with Cherish Bound's check out system, so don't be a coward and bitch about something and accuse me of something on MY blog.

Not ignoring copyright....just didn't know about that (my bad)

And not trying to override laws either...good grief. I'll be sure to change that post... have a great day!

Tara said...

Just to add to my comment....

"Not ignoring copyright....just didn't know about that (my bad)"

I'm talking about I know there are copyright laws and yes, we check a box every time a book is submitted stating that we have the right to use the images...what I didn't know was that POSTCARDS were copyrighted. However, I personally have NOT published a book with post cards in them....I was going to, but I won't now and I AM NOT ENCOURAGING ANYONE TO IGNORE COPYRIGHT. How dare you say that?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! I sincerely didn't mean to be rude. Just a bad day and poor communication on my part. I guess I mistakenly assumed that CB educated the consultants about that (re: the checkbox). I thought you were aware. I shouldn't have assumed that.
I am a professional photographer and I often have clients assume if they buy one (or more) prints that they own the copyright. Because that is my livelihood I do have a kneejerk reaction when I hear others encourage violations--even unknowingly.
In my former life I used postcards occasionally in "regular" scrapbooking--the suggestion you made was great (because if you buy a postcard, you can stick it wherever you want, just not reprint it)--expecially for places like Disneyland where you can't take pictures inside rides and shows.
In one of the CB books I've done I wanted to use engagement photos. I called the photog and he was more than happy to give me permission. Also I got permission from the army to reprint an OLD photo of my Dad, and both Sears and JCPenny studios sent a release to use photos of myself from my youth. It really isn't too difficult to get permission to reprint professional photos on a limited basis such as CB.

BTW, I do love your blog. You have great ideas. I missed you during your move. Once again, I am truly sorry that my zeal was offensive.

As for "anonymous", I come here often, just don't want to establish an account...

Anonymous said...

One other thing...
I am not an attorney, but based on my professional photographer training, my understanding is that you can use "right-click/save to" on web pictures that (1) do not indicate they have a copyright, or (2)are not being sold (like stock photography sites)

It's a "legal" alternative to the postcard dilema. You can often find a nice photo of the place you visited posted somewhere. Watch out for low resolution.

However, it's always nice to ask: There is usually a link to the webmaster and a "hey can I print that photo on your site in a digi scrapbook? 1 or 2 copies" is always appreciated.

Tara said...

Thank you for your information and apology accepted! :O) Your advice and ideas are appreciated.

Yes, CB consultants and customers are notified and expected to follow the copy right rules at all times. I 100% follow that rule, but just happened to not connect the post card thing. So thanks for your impute and I'm glad you visit my blog.