Monday, June 9, 2008

Product Spotlight - Family Gathering Lifeprints

With summer here and vacations underway many of us will be gathering together with our families and friends to celebrate the beautiful days of summer. Many families practice the tradition of Family Reunions annually and travel far and wide to get to them. Families gather together at their favorite landmarks, beaches, or even grandma's cozy cottage year after year after year. The memories that are made and the traditions that are created are just part of what makes these annual events memorable.

If you're like my family, we're kind of spread out all over, so when we do get together is quite an event. Some families are lucky enough to be within an hour or so of each other, but I think most families have a large handful that have to travel long distances to be apart of these exciting events. Many don't get to see each other often and with the busy lives most lead staying in contact becomes a luxury.

A popular pastime when getting together for family reunions is the storytelling. Grandma's and Grandpa's always seem to find stories and memories that have never been told or passed down. Most can't help but listen and take in the simple joys from their beautiful stories. Many stories and memories are made from past reunions and new ones are made each and every year.

Cherish Bound offers "Family Gathering Lifeprints". Lifeprints are a must have at any family reunion or family gathering that you will attend this summer. Each set of Lifeprints contain 16 leaflets that are loaded with questions to help celebrate the most important people, events and stories. Here are just a few sample questions:
  • Write the names of each family member who was in attendance and write one thing that you admire or enjoy about each.
  • How were meals done at the gathering? Did family recipes play an important part of the reunion?
  • What are some of the stories you know or learned about your ancestors?
These questions help stimulate lost memories, encourage storytelling and offer a great activity at your gathering.

"Every family needs to recognize the individuals who make up that family. Every life is important and the family unit is defined by the combination of all. Lifeprints will help you celebrate each member of your family and create a "Lifeprint" that will be passed down to future generations."
- cherish BOUND

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