Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Help a Beginner Reader

Guest Blogger Heidi Rosenberg from Barefoot Books

The number one thing I tell parents who have children who are just beginning to read is, its so important to continue reading to them. Why? What a beginner reader can actually read is usually well below their interest level and comprehension. In other words the books you give to your beginner reader are perfect to practice reading but probably doesn't feed their imagination.

Books with repetition and rhymes are good for beginner readers. (Many of my previous preschool recommendations are great, Animal boogie, The House that Jack built etc).
Its now more important than ever to let your child choose a book. Everyone prefers to read about things that they are interested in. If your child likes a particularly topic (animals, transportation, fairies etc) that is probably the type of books they will pick..

Point to words as you read to your child/follow the words as your child reads to you. Let the child sound out the words but if the word does not sound the way it is spelled or the child has problems then help the child. Offer clues if needed, for example ask what sound does the letter "s" make.

Look at the pictures and talk about them. The pictures in the books are clues to the story.

If your child is getting frustrated, ease off with corrections, maybe alternate reading a small section with your child. Telling your child to point to the words on the page can often help the child read all the words.

Talk about the book you have just read. Ask questions. Does she like the character? What do you think will happen next? This book is exciting, isn't it?

Reading is everywhere, so make it part of everyday life for the child. Ask her to help read road signs to you, menus, the aisles in the supermarkets

Most importantly, reading should be fun not a chore. Give your child lots of positive encouragement. Children love to mimic their parents. So why not pull out your bedtime novel and start reading it in front of your child.

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Robynn's Ravings said...

Tara!! Thanks for dropping by this morning and for the great post. You KNOW I'm SO big on reading to your kiddos. It's been one of the biggest joys of my life!

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

Thanks for the tips!! As of now my son simply runs away whenever it's storytime...we still have a ways to go! LOL

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great tips!! enJOY your day!

Anonymous said...

this is perfect just last night my 6 yr old was getting so frustrated during reading time thanks for the tips!

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