Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Yearbook Challenge 2009 - Week 23

If you're new to the Family Yearbook Challenge click HERE & then HERE
Homework August 31 - September 6:

1. Back to School - Summer has wrapped up for just everyone now and it's on with new schedules and traditions....especially the excitement of heading back to school. There can be many firsts and milestones for the kindergartners, those moving onto middle school or even high school. This week be sure you have a few photos of your kids in their new gear and heading out for school. It's fun to compare pictures each year as they grow and mature from toothless kindergartners to young women and men.

2. Journal - Take time to write about each of your children individually. Write down what you love about their personalities, what their good at, what you hope for them and what you want for them. Keep this in your doesn't have to be on public display in your yearbook, but just make sure you take some time to write about your blessings.

Now COPY and paste any photos that you have that go with these events and questions into a new folder titled June. If you'd like to rename the photos you can with aug 1, aug 2, aug 3 and/or sept 1, sept 2, sept 3 so on and so on. If you have any memorabilia that is NOT digital, scan and save as a jpg. minimum 300 dpi to your August or September folder, named and labeled. If you have a "story" you can hand write it or "type" it into a document and save in the same folder.

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Cheffie-Mom said...

Very neat! I will pass this link on to my friends. enJOY your day!

Debbie said...

I just so love your ideas!

Krystal said...

I'm back!! Life has been crazy for the past couple of weeks. We went on one last "summer vacation", and we recently found out we're having another baby (so I haven't been feeling very well). But now I'm back and need to get caught up several weeks of homework! I can't wait! :)