Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tradition #44 - Fruit and Veggie Co-op!

One of our newest family traditions has become a bi-monthly favorite in our home. For the past few months I've been apart of a Fruit & Veggie Co-op! Every other Tuesday we enjoy heaping baskets of fresh fruits and veggies at a very affordable price. We're always excited to get our laundry basket that's been filled with wonderful fruits and vegetables and plan our meals around them.

Well, today was EXCITING for me!!! Today was my day to go with my partner to the pick-up spot and get the goods!!!

This week we had 10 participants. Normally we have about 15-16, but with summer and vacations we're smaller in numbers. But each person puts in $15 and 2 of us head out EARLY every other Tuesday to score big on some great produce. It's a hole in the wall acre or two that is lined with trailers, tents, aluminum sheds, etc. Each "booth" has their produce lined up in boxes and trailers for you to see as you drive through the winding rows. There's an excitement and chaos that makes you want to jump right out and buy the first box of goodies you see, but the key to purchasing all this amazing food it to be patient.

We have a clip board that lists all the fruits and veggies and the average price that has been paid in the past. As we drive through the passenger jots down the booth number and pricing per box of whatever fruit and veggie we're interested in....windows down, we yell out, "How much for a box?" They flash up their fingers or yell out the price and the passenger notes it down. We make a pass through the isles and alleys and then decide which deals are the best. We head back through another time, but this time it's for bargaining and buying.

Today we had $150 to spend. This is what we got for $15 per person -

  • 50 lbs of red potatoes $10 a bag
  • Romaine lettuce heads $14 for a box of 24
  • Strawberries $10 for 10 pints
  • Blackberries $12
  • Box of peaches $12
  • Box of green beans $13
  • Watermelon $1 each
  • Cantaloupe .40 cents each
  • Bananas $13 Box of a gazillion!!!
  • Corn on the Cob $14 HUGE box
  • Pineapple $15 Box of 12
  • Zucchini $ 11 Box
  • Cherry Tomatoes $10 - 12 pints

Here's my PILE of goods....and a watermelon too that didn't make it in the picture!

It's so much yummy, fresh, healthy food! I love it! Look into starting a co-op in your area. You have to find a place that sells like this, but they're usually everywhere, you just have to search for them. It's a healthy and inexpensive way to feed your family...and of course, a tradition that EVERYONE loves!

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Janelle said...

Wow, looks delicious! I usually do costco or farmer's market, but this sounds like a lot more fun and a lot less expensive! Enjoy your fruits and veggies!

Donna Gotlib said...

What a fabulous idea. I'd like to hear the story of how this came about.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

That looks so amazing!!

Amy W said...

Great prices for that kind of food. I sell my soaps at our local farmer's market - it's a walk-thru, bring your dog, type of market. Yours sounds interesting and completely different!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

What a fun time and such great prices on the fruits and veggies you bought! So I tried to surprise you and have you visit my blog....You Won! The Scentsy warmer and Scent bar! I will be giving Sara your name so she can contact you. Thanks for entering, I hope you love it!

Hugs to you,

casual friday every day said...

Look at all the fresh yummy goodness!


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