Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Yourself From Photo Clutter!

Whether you’re "digital" or "paper" we can all use a little Photo Freedom! If you're paper, you probably have a box, drawer, or maybe even a pile of pictures stacking up. And if you're digital, your hard drive can look much the same. I've been a victim of both... Organizing photos may seem overwhelming, but, but you can free yourself from photo chaos with a few simple ideas and tips. This process won't happen overnight. It's a process...and ongoing one, but before you know it you can be enjoying beautiful photos from your walls to storybooks.

Not All Photos Are Created Equal

Step #1 -Weed through your pictures

  • Toss out/delete all the bad, blurry pictures.
  • For paper pics, set duplicates to the side in a separate pile.
  • Keep only your favorite, quality images/pictures and throw the rest out!
  • For paper images make a pile for pictures that you'd like to frame and/or send to friends and family.
  • For digital images make a folder for pictures you’d like to print and frame and/or send to family and friends.
  • With an acid-free photo pen, label the pictures on the back of the photo’s edge. If you can recall the date, names, and place, add those details.

Keeping Things Simple

Step # 2 – Organize

  • Make pile/folder by themes – By date, years, events, people.
  • Pictures can be kept in photo-safe boxes AFTER they're sorted and organized.
  • On notes cards, used as dividers, write down notes, stories and memories about each theme of photos.

Share Your Photos

Step #3 – Sharing and Displaying

  • Send copies of your photos to friends and family regularly. Have a stash of pre-addressed envelopes so they're ready to go out every few months. Not everyone has access to the computer.
  • Build digital photo albums online or keep a BLOG and send notices to friends and family when they're updated.
  • Intricate albums with details and captions can be…well, wonderful? If you have the time, money, and more time and more money… scrapbooking can easily become an overwhelming and time-consuming hobby.
  • Photos and stories combined are what create family traditions and heirlooms to be passed down. By choosing a special event, such as a wedding or new baby, you can create beautiful family story and photo books with Cherish Bound.
  • Print and frame your pictures. Get them up on the walls, on your shelves, and out so they can be seen! Choose only your best photos. Be creative…string them from cute wire clips, use bulletin boards, memo boards…that way they are easy to change out and update.

Keep Up The Good Work

  • Once you’re caught up (yes, that can happen) keep up and control your photos! Organize your photos as soon as you download or develop.
  • For paper pictures, keep a VERY SMALL photo/shoe box out. As the box begins to fill, sit down with the family and sort through the photos, share the stories, write them down and prep them to be scanned and loaded into a photo/story book.
  • As soon as you download pictures, delete the bad ones! Label folders with dates and event names if possible.

And here’s my shameless plug –

The Cherish Bound process can help you stay on top of your photo chaos. By simply adding story and a few photos, you can create meaningful storybooks that can be shared with everyone who walks through the doors of your home. The entire family can be apart of the process. This is no longer MOM’S job! It’s a family thing.

The Cherish Bound publishing tool is simple to use with an easy drag and drop system. You can upload your story text, images, and scanned images into a book template of your choice. End result, a beautiful soft or hardbound book will arrive on your doorstep by carrier within 15 business days.

Organizing your photos can be a daunting task. So keep it simple. These are priceless memories that can be easily enjoyed and relived for generations to come. You can join in on my Family Yearbook Challenge to help you stay the course as well.

Essentially, the goal is make sure our stories, memories, traditions, thoughts and values can be passed on. Don't lose focus.


Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

I sooooooooooo need to get my photos organized!

Momma Moe said...

Excellent post. I've already done Family Yearbooks for 2004 to date. And I'm starting on my engagement story, wedding and honeymoon next! Thanks for being a great leader!

Debbie said...

Daunting task? My life is a daunting task!

The Blonde Duck said...

Great tips! I'm drowning in pictures.

Thanks for coming by on my SITS day and making me a happy duckie! I hope you return to the Pond!

Warren Baldwin said...

Good, practical suggestions. Somedays I am overrun with photos lying around that have to be put somewhere. And, in our family, it is not the mom but the dad organizing all this! Appreciate your emphasis on passing on the family vales. I wrote about roots this morning. wb

Cheffie-Mom said...

Thanks for the tips!

casual friday every day said...

My closet is a mess with photo's, and so is my computer!


Krystal said...

Thanks for these tips. I need to become better organized with my photos!

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